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Interfax: launches from East will be postponed due to import substitution

Probably, from the launch site until the end of the year one missile will be launched, instead of two.

The launches from the Vostochny launch site, planned before the end of 2018, are in jeopardy because the satellites are not ready. As reported by Interfax, the launches will occur “only on the readiness of the payload.”

The interlocutor of the agency confirmed the readiness of the carrier rockets Soyuz 2.1a and Soyuz 2.1b, which are intended for the Canopus-V apparatus and the Meteor-M satellite 2-2. However, he added that before the end of 2018, probably, only one rocket will be launched instead of two.

Taking into account the introduction of import substitution mechanisms, as well as for a number of other reasons, there were problems with the production schedule of the devices, delays are possible.

source of Interfax

The source noted that both start can generally be postponed to 2019 “with increasing backlog”, but the decision has not yet been taken.

The construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome has been carried out since 2012, over 120 billion rubles have been spent on the construction of its facilities and infrastructure. This is the first Russian civil cosmodrome. The first successful attempt to launch the rocket from there took place in April 2016, which was preceded by failure.

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