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In the village of Kemerovo region, by May 9, posters with a dog were hanged. They were interested in the prosecutor’s office

Posters are hanged by a local businessman, but now he is abroad and can not comment on his deed.

Photo from the site "Your city"
Photo from the site “Your city”

A resident of the village Tisul of the Kemerovo region hung on two of his buildings posters by May 9 with a photograph of his dog Samoyed. The head of the village Alexander Paksyutkin told the local newspaper “Your City” .

According to Paksyutkin, he thinks the banners are inappropriate, but if the administration removes them arbitrarily, a man can apply to the court.

“I already wrote a claim, now I’ll take it. But he [local resident] flew to the World Hockey Championship. Tried to get through to him, but he was abroad. […] Two buildings with him, a poster on one and on the other.

Alexander Paksyutkin
head of the village Tisul

“Rain” Paksyutkin said that the banner was hanged by businessman Sergey Tarasov. According to him, he has already filed a complaint against the company of businessman Resource. At the same time, if Tarasov was in Tisul, the official would talk to him and “move something from his place”.

The head of the village added that he received a phone call from the prosecutor’s office “from Moscow number” and was informed that they learned about the poster on the Internet. The caller was interested in who and where posted a poster. Paksyutkin did not specify the post and the name of the agency employee. The press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office “Rain” said that they do not know if any of the employees called the head of Tisul.

Paksyutkin noted that Tarasov helps the district.

Allocated six million to the temple, made there a porcelain iconostasis. We constantly swear with him, but in my heart I understand that he spends so much money … True, he always throws something away. He made a banner for the New Year. On New Year’s it was still clear, there is a year of the dog.

Alexander Paksyutkin
head of the village Tisul
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