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In the Buddhist temple, they perform funeral services for broken robots-dogs Aibo. The procedure is similar to a traditional funeral service. The monk is reading the sutra, the smell of incense in the temple.

Each robot has its own label with the inscription about belonging to one or another family. Their hosts believe that robots have a soul. The “death” of the pet is a real catastrophe for these people.

The world’s first home robot dog with artificial intelligence Aibo was released in 1999 by Sony . The device had a lot of sensors, a camera, a microphone, and the last generation got the opportunity to talk. However, in 2006 the company curtailed production due to high competition. Therefore, the owners, whose robots “died”, transfer them to the company FUN, where the devices become “donors” for those who can still be repaired.

Repair takes a very long time. “Treatment” sometimes lasts for months due to a lack of spare parts. According to FUN employees, they do not disassemble the robots before the burial service. Only after the “soul” of the robocop returns to the owners, and the pet turns into a regular machine, work begins on “transplanting” the parts.

Recall that in 2017, Sony announced the resumption of production of its robot dog Aibo after more than 10 years. An updated version of the device the company introduced in January this year in Las Vegas at CES 2018.



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