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In Boston, the Spyce restaurant opened, in which seven wok robots prepare healthy food. The initiators of the establishment of such an institution were the students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who set out to make healthy food more accessible.

Four students teamed up with the chef of one of the Michelin restaurants to open an institution in which food is cooked by robots . Visitors can choose a dish from the menu through the touch terminal, and useful cabbage, legumes and cereals automatically go to prepare for the robot that looks like a drum.

To heat food, wok robots use the principle of magnetic induction, and after each order is automatically cleared. However, the robots have not yet learned everything: prepare and cut the ingredients of the cook. They are also engaged in serving dishes, giving them an appetizing appearance.

Visitors are satisfied with the quality of the dishes, their reviews can be found on Yelp . In addition, the culinary director of the restaurant is the chef with Michelin star Daniel Bowloud.

To visit this restaurant will be interesting for everyone: watching the work of buzzing and rotating wok robots is very exciting. The entrance to the kitchen of Spyce is free, and in order to completely add to the impression of the restaurant, it is necessary to watch such a show.

“It is interesting to observe what remains behind the scenes. We do not want to hide anything, because we think that we came up with something unusual, “- shared the co-founder of the restaurant Brady Knight.



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