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“I was really in love”: Musk asked the journalist about the relationship during the interview

The man did not lose his head and gave the billionaire a couple of practical recommendations.

Journalist Rolling Stone Neil Strauss (Neil Strauss) has prepared a detailed article on the personality, work and plans of Ilona Musk. For the material, he met with the entrepreneur and talked about his personal life and relationships with actress Amber Hurd.

Strauss began the conversation with the issue of problems with the new Tesla Model 3, but Musk took a long pause, and then apologized and went to the toilet to “clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts.” When he returned, the journalist offered to postpone the interview for another day. Musk said that everything is in order with him, he just worries because of parting with his girlfriend Amber Hurd.

I need a little time to get into the rhythm. I just broke up with my girlfriend. I was really in love and it hurts me a lot. To be honest, rather, she broke up with me than I am with her.

Elon Musk


Musk discussed the gap for a few more minutes, and then suddenly asked sincerely from the journalist if he should ever meet anyone in the future. According to the businessman, it is difficult for him to get acquainted with new people.

I’m looking for a long-term relationship. I do not need someone for one night. I’m looking for a serious partner or a soul mate, something like this.

Elon Musk

The journalist did not lose his head and gave Musk a couple of tips about the relationship.

I told him that maybe jumping into a new relationship now is not the best idea. And that maybe he should pause and try to figure out why all his past relationships did not work at a long distance: for example, his marriage with the writer Zhastin Musk, his marriage to actress Talula Riley and his recent parting with Amber Hurd.

Neil Strauss
Rolling Stone journalist

In response, Musk shook his head and said that if he is not in love and he does not have a partner for a long relationship, then he can not be happy.

The journalist said that it is bad to feel the need for other people, because when they are not there “you do not feel anything”. Musk categorically disagreed.

It is not true. I will never be happy without anyone near me. As a child, I told myself one thing: I do not want to be alone.

It kills me that I go to bed alone. I know perfectly well what it’s like to be in an empty big house, to hear the echo from your footsteps, to go to bed – and next to no one. Pancake. How do you feel happy in this situation?

Elon Musk
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