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Hitler was looking for …. but not a threat. :)

In the US, they seriously feared that the head of the Third Reich would flee Germany. However, it would have been possible to escape unnoticed Hitler only if he could radically change his remarkable appearance.
And the Americans, anticipating the events, decided to create photos of the Fuhrer with some changes that would help catch a potential fugitive.

Before the commission lay a man who looked like Hitler. Part of his face was damaged as a result of a gunshot wound just above the bridge of the nose, causing the broken nose to rise and swell.
Then General Serov and members of the commission decided to re-identify. The general took a clean sheet of paper and divided it in half with a pencil.
Now the Germans had to sign on the left or right, depending on what they recognize: is it Hitler or his double? They were warned that they would bear a strict responsibility for incorrect testimony.

After the repeated identification procedure, the column “not Hitler” signed the majority. The forensic expert of the 1st Belorussian Front was invited to the hall. He asked to bring him a photograph of Hitler, where the Fuhrer was shot in profile.
When the request was fulfilled, the expert began to compare the structure of the ear of a person lying on the floor with Hitler’s ear in a photograph.
He, like a sorcerer, turned the photo in his hands, applied it to the deceased’s ear and finally made a decision and signed in the column “not Hitler”. Previously, he informed the commission that each person has a unique structure of the auricle.

Only in 1968, 23 years after the fall of the Third Reich, was the long-awaited official Soviet report on Hitler’s death published. But doubts about what actually happened in the bunker only intensified.
In the text of the document, in particular, nothing was said about the detection of a bullet wound and it was claimed that death came from poisoning with cyanide. But most of the witnesses said that they heard the shot.

The SS Mengerhausen, freed from Soviet captivity in the 1950s and, according to him, participating in the burial of the corpse of Hitler, showed that he saw a bullet hole in his right temple. Kempka mentioned above said that Hitler shot himself in the mouth.
According to Western historians, the Soviet report of 1968 does not in any way prove that Hitler’s life ended on April 30, 1945. Moreover, some of them already in the 70’s developed a version of the rescue of the Fuhrer.

And Hitler was in Germany – a photo of the tram. 

And it was like that.

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