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Exclusive: Comcast prepares all-cash bid to gate-crash Disney-Fox deal – sources

The world’s largest cable operator wants to compete with “Mickey Mouse” for “X-Men”, Deadpool and “Fantastic Four”.

Reuters, citing its own sources, said that the world’s largest cable operator Comcast appealed to its investors with a request to increase funding. According to Reuters, the corporation intends to buy the media holding Fox.

$ 60 billion
Additional funding was asked by Comcast for the purchase of Fox. Disney paid 7.5 billion less.

In December 2017, Fox announced the purchase of Disney. The deal, which is scheduled to close by the end of 2021, included 20th Century Fox, as well as National Geographic, Sky and FX cable networks. However, the news channels that are part of the Fox holding, remained in the ownership of the corporation Rupert Murdoch News Corporation.

Media holding Fox (full name – Twenty-First Century Fox) owns the rights to several dozen characters Marvel, as well as the “Simpsons”, “American horror story” and other popular TV projects. In total, Fox owns hundreds of popular franchises and characters.

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