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A man launching cars into space, designing vacuum trains and planning to colonize Mars , decided to open a confectionery plant.

The founder of SpaseX, Tesla’s general director , engineer and entrepreneur Elon Musk, this time decided to move away from projects to the brink of fantasy and took up a very real and mundane business – the production of sweets. This became known from the inventor ‘s personal tweet .

“I’m launching a confectionery factory,” the report said. “And it will be amazing.”

The news clearly delighted humanity: for today the record has collected more than 200 thousand likes and 40 thousand reposts.

With what fillings will be candy (and candy it), in what scale to be produced and when it all starts – is unknown. However, on the same Twitter, the politician promised that the new business will be so exciting that investors can not pass by.

By the way about stuffing: while Musk is engaged in marketing research of the market – more precisely, interrogates users in social networks, what sweets they would like to receive.

In fact, legs grow from the dispute between Musk and Warren Buffett, the world’s largest investor, who suggested rivalry in the production of sweets. Ilon opposed the idea of ​​the “economic ditch” realized by Warren in his factories : it brings business more money than its competitors, and helps to remain the market leader. Musk at the same time is convinced that it is important to introduce innovations in time.

Who is right – time will tell. Surely one thing is certain: sweet- girls will be in the ladies .


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