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eBay banned the sale of H & M hoodies with the inscription “The coolest monkey in the jungle”

The cost went up to 1900 dollars apiece.

Online auction eBay has removed from sale hoodies H & M with the inscription “The coolest monkey in the jungle” and closed the related ads. As representatives of the company explained, they will continue to “ban reopening ads” with this sweatshirt.

After the scandal because of accusations against H & M on sale of racist clothes, the Swedish shop completely removed from the hoodie’s catalog “The Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”. Its original price is 7.99 pounds (about 600 rubles). A few days later on eBay, the same sweatshirt was sold for 1,400 pounds (about 105 thousand rubles).

The parents of the boy who appeared in this hoodie on the promotional materials do not understand those who accused H & M of being racist. They had to change their place of residence because of threats from other black people.

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