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Dron post of Kazakhstan fell on rehearsal of presentation before officials

The fall was explained by the fact that the launch took place in a new location without taking into account the weather conditions.

“Kazpost” presented new drones for delivery of parcels, designed for cargo weighing up to four kilograms. The journalists and vice-premier of Kazakhstan Askar Zhumagaliyev were invited to the presentation.

Before the arrival of the officials, the journalists were shown the flight of an old drone worth about 5 thousand dollars. The flight lasted a couple of seconds, after which the device fell, and did not gain altitude. The director of the service company, Aleksey Kim, explained the drop by the fact that the drone was launched in a new location, but did not take into account the weather conditions.

 The new drone was successfully launched without any problems – it flew a circle over the field where the tests were held, and dropped the parcel with the newspapers in the indicated place. As noted by the agency Sputnik, drones do not carry parcels that can not withstand a landing, since the device discharges cargo from the air.
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