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Brilliant ideas useful in everyday life (25 photos)

The implementation of all these ideas is very simple, but they are the most effective and can greatly simplify our everyday life with you.

Pillar with telescopes, allowing to look at various mountain peaks.


Trucks with transparent roofs do not need light in the daytime.

People with disabilities need to attach an identity card to this traffic light in order to extend the time of green light to cross the 8-lane highway.

A hook on the toilet door, allowing you to open it with your foot.


Together with a bottle of whiskey is sold a travel card for public transport, motivating people not to get behind the wheel drunk.

Chairs from the restaurant in one ski resort, where you can put a helmet, gloves, hats and stuff.

An airport employee, soothing passengers before flying.

Coffee used in the coffee house is packaged in bags and given to farmers who use it as compost.

These batteries can be charged via the USB port.

In this notebook, the web camera can be closed with a sash.

In the elevators of one of the offices of Osaka, Japan, a warning that it is raining is on fire.

Shop with adjustable back angle.


Free smartphone with prepaid communication services in the hotel room.

Buttons in the restaurant to call the waiter, ask for an account and notify that the table is free.


Thanks to this bottom, wet dishes can be put directly into the cupboard, and water will drain into the sink.

To charge your smartphone you have to twist the pedals.

Mirror heated in a Japanese hotel, which does not mist over.

On rental cars in Ireland there is a sticker that reminds you which way to go.

Inside the toilet paper there is a small exhaust roll, which can be taken on the road.

On the rubbed tires there is an inscription about the need to replace them.

Flash drive with a fill indicator.

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