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Black Lives Matter activist presented a list of requirements for white people


Activist Black Lives Matter Chanel Helm published a list of requirements for white people.

Helm, co-founder and principal organizer of the Black Lives Matter in Louisville, explained in an article published in what things she thinks should change.

“White people, if you do not have offspring, bequeath your property to a black or brown family. Preferably one that lives in poverty by generations, “Helm wrote in an article entitled” White people, here are 10 demands from the leader of the Black Lives Matter. ”

We ask white people: “Give your house to a black or brown family, hand over all your inherited property to a black or brown family,” or “balance your monthly budget so that you can make donations to charitable charities to buy land.”

“White women are particularly strongly encouraged to help dismiss racists” or “to help dismiss your superiors, because they are also racists,” Helms writes.

She concludes: “Do two things: fight against white supremacism where and as soon as you can (this does not mean knitting, unless, of course, you make scarves for needy black and brown children) and finance black and brown people and their business “.

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