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Armenian parliament elected Nikol Pashinyan as new prime minister

The leader of the street opposition on the second attempt received the main post in the Transcaucasian republic, which was engulfed by the political crisis.

Nikol Pashinyan. Photo by Grant Khachatryan, AP
The National Assembly of Armenia voted for the nomination of Nikol Pashinyan, the leader of the liberal-opposition bloc “Elk” (“Exit”), to the main state post-prime minister of the republic. The meeting was broadcasted by the Armenian service of Radio Liberty.

Pashinyan’s candidacy was supported by 59 deputies with the necessary 53. 42 deputies opposed the statement, mainly members of the Republican Party headed by former President and Head of the Government of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan. At the same time, Republicans agreed to give Pashinyan the necessary votes to win.

The head of the Republican Party faction in the National Assembly Vahram Baghdasaryan stated that his party as a whole is against Pashinyan’s candidacy, but will not interfere with his election to the post of prime minister. He added that the Republicans still have doubts about the oppositionist.

It was very important for us to understand whether a candidate for prime ministers can take responsibility, or our people will live in chaos in the near future. Our concern has not disappeared. God grant that we are wrong.

Vahram Baghdasaryan
head of the “Republican Party” faction

Pashinyan’s powers will last until the next parliamentary elections. Their date deputies of the National Assembly should appoint a separate meeting. At the same time, the victory in the elections of the Prime Minister will allow Pashinyan and his supporters to change the electoral legislation, which was previously controlled by the representatives of the Republican Party.

On May 1, Pashinyan was already trying to elect Prime Minister. Then he scored 45 votes with the necessary 57 for the appointment. The oppositionist was not supported by 55 members of parliament, including the majority of representatives of the “Republican Party” and several opposition deputies.

On May 2, Pashinyan called on the residents of Armenia to the next round of protest across the country. The residents of the republic massively blocked roads in the center of Yerevan and international highways when police and special forces were inactive.

On May 7, at the Republic Square in Yerevan, there was again a many-thousand rally, at which Armenian American rock musician Serge Tankian performed together with Pashinyan. The leader of the System of a Down publicly supported“peaceful resistance” in Armenia and personally attended the meeting of the National Assembly.

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