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Analysts MTS noticed the growth in the average price of smartphones sold in Russia and explained it with the availability of loans

Russians almost stopped buying cheap smartphones and stopped on the expensive segment.

In Russia, since 2017, the average price of a single smartphone sold has increased by 23%, increasing from 11800 to 15325 rubles, Hi-Tech reported with reference to MTS data. In the retailer’s retail network, the average price of the device went up by 43% and reached 15 thousand rubles.

According to analysts of the operator, the popularity of smartphones for 30-40 thousand rubles has grown in Russia. This is confirmed by the growth in sales of devices in this price category by 73% in terms of quantity and by 94% in revenue compared to 2017. At the same time, the number of sales of “cheap” smartphones, up to 5000 rubles, was reduced to 15%.

The most popular gadgets in the price category of 30-40 thousand rubles were the iPhone 7, iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy A8.

MTS explained the growing popularity of smartphones in this price segment with the availability of loans in Russia. Retailers, for their part, help the client fill the application as quickly as possible and receive approval from the bank. As the operator is sure, many take credit for the formation of a positive credit history before a loan for a car or a mortgage.

When taking credit for a smartphone, the psychological moment also plays a role, in which regular payment may seem insignificant. “With the most popular loan term – 24 months – a monthly payment for a modern device will be about 1.5 thousand rubles, it’s like a family trip to the cinema,” MTS said.

The average salary of employees of organizations in Russia is 41,650 rubles, follows from the data of Rosstat. In February, real monthly income of Russians in nominal terms rose to 31472 rubles.

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