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A typical find of search engines (14 photos)

What the search teams do not find during their excavations. Here is a photoreport that the search engines shot during excavations in the Novgorod region. Let’s take a look at what they managed to find.

Mug of the Soviet soldier.

It retains the native paint and signature of the owner.

Bombardment for shells of the tank.

German helmet in the roots of the tree.

Has settled densely, therefore to saw for the sake of it a tree did not become.

And this is a find of a later era, which is not related to the Second World War – a meteor shower. This is an unmanned aerostat, designed to study the atmosphere, which flew in a balloon with helium.

Then a box was found.

Inside lay 50-millimeter mortar shells.


They are well preserved and can be dangerous.

TNT blocks in zinc packaging.

Smoke grenade produced in Germany.

Reflector with German technology.

Another smoke grenade.

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