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“” Tsar “entered the fourth term”: that foreign media write about the fourth inauguration of Putin

Americans compare the “new” Russian president with Stalin, and the French are reminded of his militancy.

Vladimir Putin before the inauguration. Photo by the Kremlin press service

On May 7, the inauguration of Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin took place. The new deadline was the fourth for Putin, who will be in office until 2024.

The inauguration ceremony was traditionally held in the Moscow Kremlin. The President of Russia walked through the empty corridors of the residence, and then arrived at the Andreevsky (Throne) Hall of the Great Kremlin Palace and swore an oath before the representatives of the Russian elite.

the main quotes from foreign media covering the inauguration.

“He is a very, very popular president”: Vladimir Putin’s inauguration took place, he guaranteed himself a fourth term.

Sky News

President Vladimir Putin enters the fourth term – due to this, he can become the most long-standing leader of Russia after the dictator Joseph Stalin.


Putin was in fact the leader of Russia throughout the 21st century.

The Associated Press

The solemn ceremony was similar to the three others held in the last two decades: a door opened in the Kremlin-decorated gold room, and Vladimir Putin walked along the carpet. For the 65-year-old president, this is already the fourth inauguration since 2000.

Deutsche Welle

“Tsar” Putin entered the fourth term – after protests, which in one day arrested more than 1600 people.


The Russian president used his last term in order to annex Crimea from Ukraine and start a military campaign in Syria on the side of Bashar Assad. In the next term he promised to raise the standard of living in the country.


It is expected that Putin will again appoint his longtime ally Dmitry Medvedev as prime minister on Monday. This should be a strong signal of continuity, despite disappointing economic indicators.


Putin begins another presidential term. Perhaps he will even be the last.

Washington Post
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