The Swedish Patent Office “advertised” pirate sites

The Swedish Patent and Registration Office has chosen a rather entertaining way to show the hidden side of life of “pirates”. For this, short videos were shot, in which the hypothetical owner of the site distributing pirated content is the main character.

The campaign was initiated by the Swedish government, which set itself, first of all, educational goals. With the help of rollers, the authors of the idea found, it is possible to divert viewers from illegal streaming services. What for? Because their owners earn millions of dollars, they bathe in money and luxury, drive expensive cars.

Indirect income generators are users for which advertisers spend money. Well, the money goes to finance other, more serious crimes.

As TorrentFreak notes , the message of the videos is clear, but the life of the “pirates” looks quite decent. Therefore, the question arises: “Do not I do the same?”

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