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The Russian quantum computer will appear in three years

The first Russian quantum computer can appear in three years, and not after five years, as predicted earlier. As reported by “Izvestia” referring to the preliminary technical specification, the new computing device will have at least 50 qubits. In parallel, new algorithms will be created to solve specific problems on a new type of computer.

In theory, with the help of quantum computers it will be possible to create accurate weather forecasts, to “crack” ciphers, to select complex passwords and much more. The Russian machine, according to the specification, will solve the problems of materials science. As follows from the description, the Russian computer of the future is supposed to be created on the basis of neutral atoms in optical traps.

“Fifty qubits is just the level when a quantum computer begins to outperform the modern classical equipment in performance, ” said Andrei Vishnevyi, a researcher at the Laboratory of Nanooptics and Plasmonics at MIPT.

The creation of a quantum 50-kbit computer can cost 900 million Russian rubles.

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