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The fourth inauguration of Putin in faces and moments

Empty corridors of the Kremlin and admiring faces in the Kremlin hall.

On May 7, Vladimir Putin’s inauguration took place, following which he became the president of Russia for the fourth time. The head of state received the right to remain in office until May 7, 2024.  talks about what happened, illustrating it with shots from federal channels.

Unlike the 2012 scenario, Putin did not drive a car through the empty streets of the center of Moscow. The deserted corridors of the Kremlin came as a substitute: as if distracted from work, he got up from the table, put on his jacket and walked through the building alone.

Only occasionally did Putin meet along the way with other officials and officers. Once he stopped to look at one of the pictures.

 Then he got into the first domestic car of the project “Cortege” and, surrounded by guards, arrived at the building of the Great Kremlin Palace.

Judging by the broadcast, the crowded hall had to wait for some time Putin in his place. This time the audience spent in complete silence.

 Putin uttered the text of the oath, after which he played the national anthem of Russia.

The meaning of life for Putin and new “historical” tasks

After taking the oath, Putin noted that he “feels” responsible to the people, history and ancestors. He called his duty the meaning of his whole life “to do everything for Russia – for its present and future, peaceful and prosperous, for saving and continuing the great people, for prosperity in every family”. Putin also announced the solution of certain historical problems in the coming years.

The tasks that are ahead, the urgent decisions that we need to take, without any exaggeration, are historical. They will determine the fate of the fatherland for decades to come.

Vladimir Putin


Those who came to the inauguration

Irina Yarovaya and singer Zara, who performed at the base of Khemeymim in Syria
Irina Yarovaya and singer Zara, who performed at the base of Khemeymim in Syria
Former football coach Valery Gazzayev Larisa Dolina Alexander Tkachev Diana Gurskaya (right), former participant of the “Ural pelmeni” Julia Mikhalkova Valentin Yudashkin President of the KVN Alexander Maslyakov Igor Shuvalov and Nikita Mikhalkov Dmitry Medvedev Tatyana Tarasova Vladimir Mashkov Sergei Shoigu, Patriarch Kirill, Dmitry Medvedev with his wife Svetlana After the oath: Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin

After the ceremony, Putin went out to the activists of youth projects on the Cathedral Square of the Kremlin, shook hands with some of them and listened to gratitude in his address.




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