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The court arrested the participant of the rally “He is not our king” in St. Petersburg, who allegedly knocked out a tooth to a policeman

He claims that he did not participate in the action, but simply wanted to take the blown rubber duck away.

Mikhail Tsakunov. Photos by @valya_de
Mikhail Tsakunov. Photos by @valya_de
Mikhail Tsakunov. Photos by @valya_de

The Dzerzhinsky District Court of St. Petersburg arrested for two months, until July 5, 25-year-old Mikhail Tsakunov, who was accused of having knocked out a tooth to a policeman on May 5. The live broadcast from the meeting was conducted by Mediason.

The lawyer asked to send Tsakunov under house arrest, since he has a residence permit in Russia and does not have a passport, that is, he is not going to hide. Tsakunov himself asked not to send him to the pretrial detention center, since his girlfriend does not have money and because of illness she can not get a job.

On May 6, the Kuibyshev District Court fined Tsakunov for 10,000 rubles for violating the procedure for carrying out the action (Article 20.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses). On the same day he was charged under part 2 of Article 318 of the Criminal Code (the use of life-threatening or health-related violence against a policeman).

The ruling on the initiation of the case says that Tsakunov “intentionally and accentuatedly inflicted at least one blow with his hand” on the face of the policeman, as a result of which the tooth was knocked out. The young man denies that he beat the policeman. As the human rights organization of “Open Russia” noted , Tsakunov did not plan to participate in the action. The riot police detained him when he and his friends stood with a blown yellow duck.

The man told the lawyer that he was walking along the street during the day and saw an inflatable yellow duck, which was given to them by policemen, by the wipers. Tsakunov asked to take this duck home, the janitors were allowed. After that, according to the young man, four riot policemen attacked him. According to the detainee, he was knocked down, kicked and beat in the stomach. The lawyer claims that there are traces on the body of the detainee, “as though he was being dragged along the asphalt.”

Tsakunov noted that he had already learned about the knocked out tooth of the policeman in the department. He claims that he did not see any blood, damage and did not hear the conversations about injuries.

Earlier Tsakunov was not held criminally liable. He had administrative offenses, but they did not concern participation in rallies or other public events, his lawyer said.

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