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In the United States, the cost of a child’s drug increased by 100,000%

After the release of the program 60 Minutes on the American television channel CBS in the US, another drug scandal is brewing. Local journalists raised the painful topic of regulating the prices of medicines. More precisely, the lack of such regulation. As an example, they named the drug company Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, which since 2001 grew in price by 100,000%.

In 2001, it was sold at a price of $ 40, and is currently being sold at a price of $ 40,000. The analogue of this drug is sold in Canada for $ 33, in Europe – at the same adequate price. It is noteworthy that Mallinckrodt owns the rights to sell the Canadian drug in the US, but does not sell it.

The drug is needed for children who are overtaken by infantile spasms (West syndrome) – convulsions characterized by sudden flexion of the trunk forward, flexion or extension of the arms, stretching or flexing the legs. They last only a few seconds, but can be repeated many times a day, manifested in children less than a year old.

Mallinckrodt noted that the price increase occurred before they acquired Questcor pharmaceuticals, which produces this drug.

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