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In the twitter of the Novosibirsk ZakSa, the rain at the meeting of Navalny was explained by the weeping of the sky “for Putin”

The regional parliament is preparing for the inauguration of the president.

On Twitter, Legislative Assemblies of the Novosibirsk region published a link to the material about the inauguration of Vladimir Putin, scheduled for May 7. According to the signature, the incumbent president supports even the sky, because during the protest action “He is not your king” May 5 it rained

Legislative Assembly of the NSO@zspress

It was raining during the recent rallies. The sky was crying, because it is also for Putin. By the way, in the inauguration ceremony of the …

Mon May 07 06:53:46 +0000 2018

The account of the Legislative Assembly has no blue check mark on Twitter, but the official press service of the parliament officially refers to it . In the release on the website of ZakSa there is no mention of the sky and the support rendered to Putin from his side.

Most likely, the authors of the tweet had in mind the rain in Novosibirsk on May 5. In Moscow, on the same day, there was generally clear weather.

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