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In Russia, the court recognized the bitcoins as property

In Russia, the court indirectly recognized the Crypto-currency property and declared its value. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the court’s decision on the case of including crypto currency in the bankruptcy case of physical persons. In the case under consideration, we are talking about 0.2 bitcoins (approximately $ 1,860) belonging to the defendant. Its total debt is 18.9 million rubles – about $ 299 thousand.

According to Vedomosti, in the court of first instance the representative of the debtor pointed out that the concept of “crypto-currency” is not fixed in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. The legal regime of the crypto currency is not defined in any legal act, but the crypto currency is information that can not be included in the bankruptcy estate, he stated.

It is still unknown how the bitcoins of the debtor will be implemented.

Currently, the bitcoin rate is $ 9.3 thousand per unit.

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