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Biologists from the University of Texas created the first cure for alcoholism

The substance JVW-1034 acts on a chain of neurons and relieves alcohol dependence.

More recently, biologists have determined that alcoholism does not develop because of problems with “willpower,” but because of the presence of some mutations in the genes responsible for ethanol processing and the work of certain parts of the pleasure center and other areas of the brain associated with self-control and impulsive behavior .

Biologists conducted a series of experiments in which they tried to wean alcohol worms from craving for alcohol. The scientists dropped several worms into the soil treated with alcohol, and then checked how fast they moved after such a test, treating some of them with drugs.

The substance that received the temporary name JVW-1034 worked best, it completely removed all the symptoms of the “hangover” and prevented the development of alcoholism. Its effectiveness biologists were then successfully tested in rats susceptible to alcoholism, most of the time preferring a ten percent alcohol solution, rather than pure water.

Relatively small doses of this drug relieved rats of alcohol dependence and reduced the proportion of alcohol they consumed by 30 percent almost immediately after the start of the JVW-1034. The successful completion of these experiments, as biologists hope, will allow us to begin clinical trials of the drug in the near future.

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