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a new order of blockages “unjustifiably expand the powers” of Roskomnadzor

Experts at the Government:

In their opinion, the order will allow to block any site at the discretion of the department.

The expert group “Communications and IT” under the government of Russia criticized the new version of the draft order of Roskomnadzor on the order of blocking sites or about “the procedure for identifying information resources in order to take measures to restrict access.” This is stated in the conclusion, which was familiarized by Kommersant.

Experts expected that Roskomnadzor will describe in the order how to identify sites, pages, software and information systems that are used to bypass locks. However, the department “wrote something completely different” – as it is determined not by the service for bypassing locks, but by the blocked resource itself. Experts saw this as an excess of authority.

This is not their task at all: this should be done on the basis of the decisions of the court, the prosecutor’s office, the appeals of the rightholders and so on, there are enough grounds. And we finished [in Roskomnadzor] with the fact that if we do not find something or find something else, then we will figure it out ourselves with the help of the decision of the head of the structural unit or his deputy during the day.

an interlocutor of Kommersant in the Internet industry, familiar with the preparation of the conclusion

The new order of blocking will give the agency the right to block any site at its discretion , experts at the government fear. According to the document, Roskomnadzor “in case of errors” will be able to set the network address, domain name and page pointer containing forbidden information.

The working group noted that the agency “receives and completely replaces” the functions of other bodies. Also , the criteria by which the agency checks whether there are grounds for blocking the site are unknown, for example, information is identical or simply coincides in meaning with the prohibited.

Roskomnadzor explained that the new order wanted to avoid technical mistakes and typos when writing domain names in decisions of courts and other bodies. This is necessary only to enter the correct index of the Internet resource in the register. The department stressed that the order has no “relation” to the situation around Telegram.

The working group sent an opinion to Roskomnadzor. After the public discussion, which ends on May 7, the order will be adjusted and published in the public domain.

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