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A lightning bolt cut off the brain implant of a Slovenian pensioner

The more electronics penetrates into our homes and bodies, the more accurate we should be in handling them. And let the next case did not become lethal, but it makes you think. The 66-year-old Slovene was at home when the storm began. And lightning strike not only burned her TV and air conditioner, but also disconnected the brain implant.

The woman suffers from involuntary spasms of the neck. To get rid of them and return to normal life, she underwent a surgical procedure – deep stimulation of the brain. It involves the installation of a neurostimulator that sends electrical impulses to the electrodes implanted in the brain.

It is noteworthy that the woman at first did not even notice his trip. Only an hour later she suspected something was wrong, when cervical spasms suddenly returned. At the same time, she was able to reactivate the implant herself. It was the Activa RC neurostimulator by Medtronic. It is installed under the skin near the clavicle.

The doctor who examined the pensioner, said that everything could have gone much worse if she suddenly decided to recharge the neurostimulator during a thunderstorm. Although he does not need regular replenishment.

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