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Tomb Raider, XCOM, Prince of Persia and other best gaming franchises re-starts

Without five minutes, the masterpiece of God of War showed: Restarts in some cases are simply necessary. You can be sad about the lost forms of Lara Croft in restarting Tomb Raider (although, you will agree, the figure is very, very), but when several parts of the series work on the same principles, it becomes clear: it’s time to change something. We remembered the games that a serious shake-up went only to good.

Ten games

  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
  • Tomb Raider
  • Wolfenstein
  • DmC: Devil May Cry
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Prince of Persia
  • DOOM
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

The mechanic, built in the fourth part, worked well in Resident Evil 5, but the sixth number game already made me sad. Capcom decided on time to rework the franchise. As a result, we got completely different from the rest of Resident Evil, and it was fantastically good.

There are no better fighters of the elite squad of a special VIP battalion of the premium army, this time the main character is an ordinary person. Ethan Winters almost resigned himself to the loss of his wife, when a message comes from her. A woman in great trouble, there is no one to save her. We go to an abandoned house in the outskirts. There the hero encounters a family, which is definitely not himself.

Resident Evil from the thriller from the third person turned into a slow and really creepy (due to the sudden appearance of granny in the doorway hiccups still hurricane) with a view from the eyes of the hero. The action is less, the ward is more defenseless, the constant sense of danger, creaks, groans and groaning somewhere very close – Capcom masterfully created an uncomfortable atmosphere, in which you feel always in danger.

Tomb Raider

Lara Croft for a long time was an effective doll, which, languidly sighing, climbed the ancient ruins in short shorts and tight top. But the approach ceased to work, besides, the heels of Uncharted pressed on the heels: the action film based on the gameplay and the production lurked Lara. The publisher of Tomb Raider decided not to let such interference into his territory.

In 2013, a completely different game was released. There was only the basic idea: the daughter of the archaeologist is looking for treasure. Lara for the first time in the history of the series turned into an ordinary person: she is afraid of enemies, can get very injured, ineptly hunts for survival. Let the game conventions a lot (turning into a “real” Lara is too fast), but the remake looked much brisker than the past parts.

Then followed Rise of the Tomb Raider, which became more action and entertainment moments. And in September will appear Shadow of the Tomb Raide – Lara will bring in Latin America.


New at the time MachineGames studio rethought Wolfenstein, turning the game into an interactive version of “Inglourious Basterds”. Tarantino’s humor, an abundance of blood and violence, absurdity of what is happening – The New Order in a new shell looks very cool.

In the alternative reality, everything is bad: the Nazis have won World War II, there will soon be nothing left of the Resistance. But very opportunely after several years of coma, the fighter William Blaskowitz regains consciousness. Assessing the situation, he decides to restore justice.

Restart Wolfenstein is valuable not only because of the smart shootings (on the dynamics of the battles, perhaps, the game is comparable to the hurricane Bulletstorm). Shooter retained the old school traits: the search for first-aid kits, the abundance of enemies, open clashes with opponents, and not the imprisonment behind the shelters. In last year’s Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus all the same, only more steep .

DmC: Devil May Cry

The announcement of the restart of Devil May Cry fans of the series was perceived with hostility. The image of Dante resented the fans of the series: instead of a stylist with ashy hair, which keeps demons, the new hero became a common-looking kid – such a pale with the phrase “Hear, have a cigarette?”. What kind of struggle with creatures from the other world.


But the release of the game showed that everything is not so bad. The entourage changed: instead of the grotesque world of the past parts, we were transferred to an anti-utopia. It is ruled by a demon – the owner of a large media, which brainwashes the population. We also occasionally get into the parallel world of Limbo, which looks quite different. Nephilim (the son of an angel and a demon) Dante must overthrow the reptile.


According to the game process the game remained the same dynamic: spectacular fights, a mass of receptions, alternation of weapons, confrontation with giant bosses.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Remake of the turn-based strategy XCOM is the best argument against the opinion that now people are giving explosive fighters, and tactical games are already needed by no one. Enemy Unknown has turned out to be a multifaceted, complex and diabolically fascinating strategy, even if the genre itself does not entice.

Popular in the nineties, the series was rethought in 2012. Brief: Earth is captured by aliens, and we are at the head of an international organization that opposes the aggressors.


We are always faced with a difficult choice: tasks are dumped simultaneously, and we have to choose how to behave. Say, help a small group of survivors or go for a fresh sample of an alien’s corpse? If you choose the first, then scientists will not be able to study the alien, and it will be more difficult to fight the invaders. The sequel to the game (XCOM 2) continues the story begun in Enemy Unknown.

Mortal Kombat

Fighting experienced an excellent restart in 2011. The game has retained its former brutality, but it all multiplied by a beautiful drawing of locations, detailed characters and smooth animation. A separate find is fragments that show the hero as if through: we see how the unfortunate break their bones, the skull crumbles and other terrible things happen.


Mortal Kombat came back and again reminded which series of fighting games is the main one. At least in terms of brutality and cruelty, there was neither Killer Instinct nor Tekken.

Prince of Persia

The series has already experienced two restarts. First was the classic Prince of Persia – it was released in 1989. The platformer received a sequel and part in the three-dimensional dimension. Then the game was completely redesigned.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time told a new story. Instead of a platformer, we were offered an action with an abundance of jumps, running on walls and rewinding time. The latter became a piece of the series: you can return the course of events in the grim Warrior Within, and in the beautiful The Two Thrones.


Then the developers once again suffered in all serious. The result was Prince of Persia in 2008 as if it were a cartoon style. We cleared the world of Darkness, and it effectively changed before our eyes: the shades of black were changing to bright, dead ground, the flower glades were strewn, the gloomy sky was pierced by a bright sun. The visual series did not stop there: the accents were differently placed in the gameplay. If the hero used to split the enemies with stacks, now every encounter with the enemy has turned into a serious challenge. Also, the hero had an assistant – Princess Elika.

After Prince of Persia came the continuation of the history of Sands of Time – a part called The Forgotten Sands. She did not achieve any particular success, and the series was paused. There are rumors that a new game – another restart – is already underway.


The father of shooters (along with Wolfenstein and Quake) survived the restart in 2016. The new part is based on the same principles as the successors: Mars, a portal to Hell, enemies from another dimension.


Jumping on the platforms, passing to the brink of opportunities, sweeping enemies from all sides – DOOM recalled that once the shooters were able to throw a serious challenge to the player. The project could have come out much earlier, but at some point DOOM decided to remake from scratch: the current version did not suit the team.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

In the center of history – the Belmont family, which is capable of fighting evil spirits, is at war with Count Dracula himself. According to the game process, the first parts were platformers in the spirit of Prince of Persia. Then Castlevania headed for slashers.

Restarting was part of the Lords of Shadow 2010. Game of the gameplay is reminiscent of God of War: the camera is looking for the most spectacular camera angles, the hero Gabriel Belmont cruelly punishes opponents, kills giant bosses, moves ancient mechanisms, and techniques with some weapons are very much like the godfathers of the war god Kratos.

In 2014, Castlevania followed: Lords of Shadow 2, and since then only mobile Grimoire of Shadow has been announced. There is no information on the “big” new part.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

A series about an elite special forces detachment that rescues hostages and deftly shoots terrorists has long been asking for a restart. The last parts differed little from each other, and only Rainbow Six: Vegas 1-2 at least somehow cheered the franchise. But after them the conveyor was stopped.

It is known that for a long time in the development was TC Rainbow Six: Patriots, but in the end it was canceled and engaged in Siege. The game received a strong emphasis on multiplayer. Gamers are divided into two teams: terrorists and special forces. The former were barricaded in some room, while others, respectively, should liquidate them.


A simple concept is complemented by a huge number of chips for both sides, which work on the principle of “stone – scissors – paper”. Terrorists can set traps, block doorways, place explosives, and special forces use drones with a camera, battering rams and other devices. Siege was successful: the game is supported by new content for the third year already.

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