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The operator Tele2 explained the failures at the rally “He’s not the king” for improving the quality of communication

The work was carried out “at a certain time”

During the opposition rally on May 5 on Pushkin Square in Moscow, there were temporary restrictions in the network operator Tele2. The operator’s support service explained this by “works to improve the quality of communication”. The screenshot of the answer to the user was published by Telegram-channel “ZaTelecom”.

The user specified whether improvements were made “in a certain place and at a certain time”, and the operator’s support was answered in the affirmative.

Screenshot from the channel "For Telecom".
Screenshot from the channel “For Telecom”.

On the interruptions in the work of Tele2, the correspondent of MediaZony also reported. According to the correspondent, the operator “completely disconnected the Internet and telephone connection for several hours”.

Previously, blogger Denis Styazhkin, who participated in the action “He’s not your king” on Tverskaya Street in Moscow, also complained about blocking his number “Beeline.” The support service first responded to him on Twitter that the number was blocked at the request of law enforcement. Then she stated that the number had been blocked due to a violation of communication services.

Later, “Beeline” denied the information about locks and said that it checks the answers of tech support. The operator’s failures are explained by network overloads.

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