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The Bell: Cossacks who attacked participants of the rally on May 5 in Moscow, learned to disperse the protesters at the expense of the mayor’s office

The Moscow authorities allocated 15.9 million rubles.

People in Cossack form who attacked participants of the action “He’s not our king” in Moscow on May 5 received funding from the Moscow government for training in the protection of public order at public events. This was reported by The Bell.

The publication drew attention to the photos that the blogger Ilya Varlamov made at the rally. They have people with a badge of the Central Cossack Army on their uniforms. The same patch is on the website of the Cossack Cossack Society “Central Cossack Host”.

The telegram-channel “Miracles OSINT”, which follows the public procurement, foundthat in 2016-2018 the “Central Cossack Host” received three contracts from the Department of National Policy of Moscow for 15.9 million rubles.

With the Cossacks contracts were concluded for “training and securing the necessary knowledge and applied skills in the implementation of activities to protect public order, ensure security during public and mass events on the territory of the city of Moscow.” The Bell also noted that the supplier’s e-mail in three contracts ( 1 , 2 , 3 ) is listed as a contact on the website of the Central Cossack Army.

On March 4, photos from the training of the Cossack army were published on the site of the Moscow City Administration . They show that the Cossacks learned to detain potential perpetrators.

According to the report on training, Cossacks learn to detain potential offenders. Training took place in the defense and sports center in 37 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road in the village of Kuzenevo. In the year the Cossacks participated in three three-day training sessions, each with 100 people.

Training of Cossacks. Photo from the site of the mayor of Moscow
Training of Cossacks. Photo from the site of the mayor of Moscow
In addition, The Bell discovered that the ataman of the “Central Cossack Army” was Ivan Mironov Kuzmich. According to the SPARK database, Mironov’s personal data (TIN, last name, first name and patronymic) coincide with the data of the former deputy prime minister of the Samara region, the lieutenant-general of the FSB reserve and the former vice-president for security of OOO AvtoVAZ Group. He did not respond to The Bell.

On May 5 Cossacks beat participants of the action “He is not our king” on Pushkin Square in Moscow. This is evidenced by photographs. In addition, Mediason was reported on beatings , and journalist Ilya Azar wrote that “not only policemen but also various comrades with Georgian ribbons, as well as Cossacks (including whips) beaten the protesters”.

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