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Results-2017: 20 TV series of the year

“A very strange Game of Thrones”, long-awaited returns and two Russian shows.


“American gods”

American Gods, season 1

Starring: Ian McShane, Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning.

 How to look in  on ” Amediatheke ”

Author: Nikita Likhachev

At the time of the release of the series in spring, everyone was discussing how accurately the same-named novel by Neil Gaiman (who received prestigious awards) was transmitted in it, but it turned out to be not so important. The first episodes of the season seemed rather weak and in general he went badly to the audience, but six months later for me he became one of the most memorable series of 2017 – because of the power of the picture.

Myths and religion from the gods of antiquity to the idols of the present, sex, magic, mysticism, blood, guns – and, most importantly, very charismatic Ian MacShane make the “Gods” an excellent series, although not intended for family viewing. I’m waiting for the second season.

«American Vandal»

American Vandal, season 1

Starring: Tyler Alvarez, Griffin Gluck, Jimmy Tatro.

How to look in on Netflix .

Author: Grigory Volgin

An excellent parody of the canonical detective series, which will perfectly suit all those who are accustomed to relax freely on vacation, interrupting only the remains of festive salads.

In the American school, someone drew a ballon on the machines of teachers and the administration of 27 genitals. The narrative turns into a whole detective investigation – high school students interview suspects, build a chain of events and look for all sorts of clues.

From an absurdly comical beginning the series turns into an intriguing detective with unexpected twists and unpredictable denouement. It’s no surprise that Netflix has extended the “American Vandal” for the second season.


GLOW, season 1

Starring: Alison Bree, Mark Maron, Betty Gilpin.

How to look in  on Netflix .

Author: Nikolai Chumakov

If I had to choose the most ridiculous series of the year, then I would have won “Glitter” with a big margin. Firstly, because my favorite comedy TV shows – “Brooklyn 9-9”, “The Big Bang Theory” and “A Man Is Seeking a Woman” – either slipped into a bad comedy or closed. Secondly, because Netflix seen enough of their own series “Orange – the new black” and showed a high-quality female humor.

Writers also with historical scrupulousness passed the spirit of the 1980s: jokes about Reagan, the new Russians from Brighton Beach and, of course, music – you will not watch, even if you check out the soundtrack. My favorite episode is connected with a joke about cocaine and the premiere of “Back to the Future.” “Glitter” is entirely devoted to the problems of women in the late XX century, but, fortunately, many do not strive to promote feminism and do not spenda much time fighting for rights . And the charming Alison Bree tries on the image of “Sony the Destroyer” from the Soviet Union – fans of the “Community” should see this.

“Big little lie”

Big Little Lies, season 1

Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Sheylin Woodley, Zoe Kravitz.

How to look in  on the ” Amediathek “.

Author: Sergey Star

Women in the American town near the sea leisurely solve the “problems of white people” and uncover the past of each other – I did not think that this show will be so remembered to me at the end of the year. Definitely – this is a series for those who are tired of the rest of the series, and exactly seven episodes for those who urgently need to rest from some cumbersome “Darkness”.

In a quiet place on the outskirts, of course, there is a murder, but for whom and for what, the audience simply will not be told. Add to this the rare topics for television such as domestic violence and the true meaning of marriage, as well as excellent images of Witherspoon, Woodley and Kidman (especially Kidman). What is the sin to conceal, only because of the cast of actors, I stumbled upon this show, and I did not lose it. For the second season the show has already been extended.

“Game of Thrones”

Game of Thrones, Season 7

Starring: Emilia Clarke, Keith Harington, Peter Dinklage, Lina Hidey, Sophie Turner, Macy Williams.

How to look in on the ” Amediathek ” .

Author: Olga Zhigulina

“Game of Thrones” for several years now holds the title of one of the main series of our time. Each episode is discussed for a long time in the network, and the most successful moments turn into memes – and so it was from the first season. The seventh difference is that the story lines rushed to the finale: here and the first meeting of the queens, and the battle with the dragons, and long predicted by the fans love line, and the long-awaited association of Stark. Because of the speed of events in social networks, it is full of jokes that John Snow has mastered the art of teleportation.

Inside the story, the stakes are rising, and the tension around the show is also growing – no one is surprised at the leak. Moreover, they are preparing themselves the creators of the series, which can completely remove several versions of the ending. It remains to wait for the premiere of the last season – presumably, in 2019 – to find out who else from the favorites of the spectators Martin will kill and how he will do it. According to Sophie Turner, we are waiting for an “incredibly emotional” finale.


The Punisher, season 1

Starring: John Berntal, Deborah Ann Wall, Ben Barnes.

How to look in on Netflix .

Author: Evgeny Kuzmin

The last series of Netflix in the universe of comics Marvel I can not call successful. “Luke Cage” seriously sagged, “Iron Fist” coldly received criticism, and after the “Defenders” I realized that I can no longer look at the development of the story line with the ninja. Against the backdrop of this “Punisher” scared: mixed reviews of Western media, an unsuccessful exit time (after the terrorist attack in Las Vegas) and accusations of protracted.

Suddenly, the story of the former military man Frank Castle turned out to be something really new and fresh, at least at the expense of brutality. In the first series, “Punisher” beats stamps on projects about superheroes. The fight with criminals ends habitually: the hero cuts down the opponents, and according to the laws of the genre, they must remain beaten, but alive. But Castle does not calm down and takes in hand a jackhammer.

The show has minuses. For example, it’s not at all clear why he needs some characters. But this feeling of freshness for me has blocked many shortcomings.

“Silicon Valley”

Silicon Valley, season 4

Starring: Thomas Middleditch, TJ Miller, Josh Brener, Martin Starr, Kumail Nangiani, Amanda Crew.

How to look in  on the ” Amediathek “.

Author: Damir Kamaletdinov

Despite the fact that the series about friends-start-ups has come to its end for the fourth season, it is still developing and does not drop down to copy its own stories. The show was replaced by a vector from the sitcom about the technological geeks in the direction of the drama, but it only went to the benefit of watching the heroes even more ridiculously. The chemistry between the actors has reached some unprecedented heights and it is even more unfortunate that TJ Miller unexpectedly left the project.

There is another reason for sadness: the authors no longer try to get to the point, guessing the technological trends. By the end of the situation, they are becoming somewhat absurd, but there is a feeling that the series is on the right track and beyond, there will not be one worthy season ahead.

“Lemony Snicket: 33 misfortunes”

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, season 1

Starring: Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Warburton, Malina Weisman, Luis Hines

How to look in  on Netflix .

Author: Evgeny Kuzmin

“In this story, not only does not have a happy ending, but a happy beginning. And in the middle of a few happy events, “- the series begins with these words of the fictional writer Lemony Snicket, who sometimes communicates with the audience directly. It makes no sense to lie: “33 misfortunes” tells a rather gloomy story about orphans Baudelaire.

The whole series is a journey of children who lost their parents in a fire, from one guardian to another. As soon as they seem to find their home – everything goes awry. In many respects because of their first guardian Count Olaf, who wants to kill orphans and get their inheritance. In passing, the Baudelaires learn that their father and mother were members of some secret society.

Immediately subconsciously you compare this version of “33 misfortunes” to the 2004 movie where Olaf was played by Jim Carrey (here is Neill Patrick Harris, a very worthy replacement). Moreover, part of the events coincide. But the series has more time to reveal the story. And the picture was more light, here the Baudelaires are in an extremely unfriendly world. And although they cope with all the tests – for children it means only that they again have to look for a new home.

“Orange is the season hit”

Orange Is the New Black, season 5

Starring: Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, Michelle Hurst, Dasha Polanco, Michael Jay Harney, Jason Biggs, Natasha Lyionne, Selenis Leyva.

How to look in  on Netflix .

Author: Maya Gavasheli

For five seasons, the main character Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) is in the women’s prison path from the small six to authority. Prison business, racial hostility, novels with guards, lesbian relationships and internal wars between girls – the show is full of it.

The last season is the culmination of the manifestations of anger, pain and despair that have accumulated in the prisoners – they make a riot, put forward demands and take the guards hostage. At some point in the “Orange” more and more dramas and less comedy, but it does not get worse from it. With each season, the stories of other heroes are revealed: despite the harsh conditions, many remain people, experience mistakes and seek to leave the prison. And although the hackers merged the season 5 of the series long before the premiere, it did not spoil the impression.

“Very strange things”

Stranger Things, season 2

Starring: Winona Ryder, David Harbor, Finn Wolfard, Millie Bobby Brown, Dacre Montgomery.

How to look in  on Netflix .

Author: Nikolai Chumakov

The creators of “Very strange cases” immediately after the success of the first season were warned that they were preparing three to four seasons and then closing the shop. Because of this, they predetermined the reaction of the public: on the one hand, we are again happy to see Odie, Demogorgonov, Dustin and other heroes, on the other – I would not want the story itself to become worse. So far, the authors have managed to maintain the bar of quality: the second season is not worse than the first, but in no way better.

Impeccable stylistics of the 1980s, a soundtrack from hit songs, well-played actor children – all this in the piggy bank of the new “Very strange cases.” The only thing they lack is fresh blood: the plot moves around the same problems of a small city as in the first season, and new actors do not fit into the team due to lack of screen time. However, the fans have already looked and are generally happy, like me, but I advise the new viewer to stop at the first season. Third, wait until 2019.

“The Hunter of the Mind”

Mindhunter, season 1

Starring: Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallani, Hannah Gross, Anna Torv.

How to look in  on Netflix .

Author: Damir Kamaletdinov

The series, several episodes of which David Fincher shot, is similar to his “Zodiac”: calm narration, investigations and serial killers. Only now the action of the “Hunter for the mind” occurs at a time when the term “serial killer” was not there – the main characters only have to come up with it. Yes, and maniacs, unlike the Zodiac, have long been in prison. It remains only to find out what motivated them to commit crimes.

The main thing in the series is an interview with serial killers like real Ed Kemper and Jerry Brodros who go through with all the details. In their free time study of their psychology, heroes advise policemen in small towns that are not used to investigating brutal murders. It’s all at a very calm pace: the FBI agents are just doing their job. If sometimes it seems boring, then at other times – pretty eerie.

“Story of the maid”

The Handmaid’s Tale, season 1

Starring: Elizabeth Moss, Yvonne Strahovski, Joseph Fiennes.

How to look in Hulu .

Author: Evgeny Kuzmin.

The series, based on the work of writer Margaret Atwood, has already collected a collection of major awards on the latest “Emmy.” All deservedly – “Story maid” created an atmosphere of oppressive dystopia, which shows that the familiar world can go mad at once due to one change.

The action takes place in the modern US, which turned into a totalitarian Republic of Gilead. Because of something, the birth rate in the country has greatly decreased, than the religious fundamentalists who made a military coup and transformed the society on the basis of their understanding of the Old Testament used it. Women who are capable of giving birth to children have been turned into “servants”: they are assigned to the families of high-ranking officers and must bear and give them children. One of these “servants” was Fredova (the names of women are taken, calling them by belonging to the officer, in this case – to Fred). She did not forget that she had lived in the ordinary world only recently. And, of course, eventually gets to know the resistance.

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty, season 3

Roles voiced: Justin Royland, Spencer Grammer, Chris Parnell, Sarah Chock.

How to look in on Netflix .

Author: Sergey Star

As a result of the third season, the theater of the absurd from “Rick and Morty” finally left for the people. The fans did not stop fiercely arguing about the idea of ​​the creators, memes from the episodes lived much longer than jokes from other shows, and only thanks to the series someone could try the fuck Szechwan sauce from 1998.

Cynical protagonists are no longer in fashion, but “Rick and Morty” do not care. About typical family difficulties seem to have released everything possible, but here it is just decided whether this is a real daughter of Rick or cloned. “You will not get to have a good time if you analyze everything in a row,” the protagonist says to the forehead. It is worthwhile to listen, but do not look at a glance: every 20 minutes are still saturated so that the end is left completely squeezed out.


1 season

Starring: Igor Petrenko, Paulina Andreeva, Dmitry Ulyanov.

How to watch in .

Author: Nikita Likhachev

Because of the political background, “Sleeping” turned out to be a scandalous series: the hypertrophiedly positive heroes-patriots from the FSB angered the liberal public, which made the director of the Yuri Bykov series worry and justify themselves . Hardly in such a situation it is possible to continue, but it was not for the “Sleepers”: it was a multi-part film in itself, which, despite the excesses, quite vividly describes the reality of post-protest Russia – the way that scenario writer Sergey Minaev sees it.

As an action-dramatic series about special services, “Sleeping” in many respects reminds the American “Homeland” in style, but not in depth (although “Motherland” in terms of depth is also not the best model). Despite everything, it is quite fascinating to watch: the harmony, dynamics and relevance of the story more than offset the shortcomings, including not the best acting game.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks, season 3

Starring: Kyle McLachlan, Cheryl Lee, Michael Horse, Sherilin Fenn, James Marshall, Kimmy Robertson.

How to look in  on the ” Amediathek “.

Author: Roman Persianinov

For me – a big fan of “Twin Peaks” – the third season was simultaneously a disappointment and a gift. Disappointment, because in many ways this is a completely different story. It’s not so much a detective as the first two seasons have been, but a lengthy surrealism without strong soil underfoot. You can watch this only in a certain mood or during different states. Gift – because a little what kind of work made me so genuinely surprised by what is happening.

We need to pay tribute to David Lynch – now there is no other Hollywood author who would have created something more insane than Twin Peaks. He’s just one of the rare directors who are given millions of dollars to shoot an incredible and sometimes wildly boring work. After all, except for him, no one else knows how, and giants like CBS (owned by Showtime) understand this. I remember the story with Woody Allen and the “Crisis in six scenes” – Amazon so long solicited the titanium comedy and drama to shoot for them “at least something”, that overnight the director agreed – tired of listening to requests and became interested in a solid fee. His show, however, turned out so-so.


Dark, season 1

Starring: Oliver Mazucci, Carolina Eichhorn, Jordis Tribel, Louis Hoffman.

How to look  on Netflix .

Author: Damir Kamaletdinov

“Darkness” – the first European series, shot specifically for Netflix for money service. German origin is seen from the first frames of the pilot: a small cozy house in the forest and a rainy cloudy sky. Events occur immediately in three time lines (in 1953, 1986 and 2019), but in the same place – in the fictional provincial town of Vinden. Subjectively, “Darkness” resembles “Face”, “Very strange cases”, “X-Files” and many European thrillers. The strongest influence is the “Lost” and “mystery boxes” JJ Abrams: some storylines will not be revealed even at the end of the season. The name “Darkness” speaks for itself – it’s a grim depressive story about despair, where it’s easy to dive in and where it’s not easy to get out.

The series intrigues from the first minutes and does not let go until the very end. This is similar to many other Netflix projects coming out recently. But this time the principle of “viewing with a volley” seems to have been built to the absolute: most of the season is a long exposure, which very slowly approaches the denouement in the last series. It’s difficult to stop at a certain series – it’s too tempting to look at another series, because it seems that the solution is so close. In this respect, “Darkness” is an almost perfect series for viewing on weekends or on holidays.

New “Duck stories”

DuckTales, season 1

The roles were voiced by: Danny Puddy, David Tennant, Bobby Moinahan, Keith Mikucci, Ben Schwartz.

How to look in on Disney Channel .

Author: Sergey Star

The original series came out in the 1990’s – believe me, despite all the nostalgia, it is better not to return to it. And how to perceive it still, if every second has already survived the trauma, having learned that Billy is actually Huey, Willie is Dewey, Dilly is called Louis, and Ponochka is Webby.

The new “Duck stories” is a grandiose restart, as the audience was prepared for it (at least remember how the voice actors played the title song of the show). Such an operation should be set as an example: all the old heroes are in place, but they received motivation and a story arc, the characters are fooled, but the institute of the family and the life of modern teenagers are passing by. Scrooge McDuck needs adventure, Webby friends, twin nephews – lost mother, and Donald Duck – new work and money.

“Chernobyl: Zone of Alienation”

2 season

Starring: Konstantin Davydov, Sergei Romanovich, Valeria Dmitrieva, Kristina Kazinskaya, Anwar Khalilulaev.

How to look in  RuTube .

Author: Nikita Likhachev

If I were forced to put “Very strange deeds” and “Chernobyl 2” on two scales, my pendulum would be suspended in a flat position. For me, the Russian TV series was the opening of the year: I missed it in 2014 (I did not hear anything about it at that time) and with great pleasure, I actually watched all the episodes from the first season, drinking it every evening for a week.

“Chernobyl 2” – this is the Russian “Very strange business”: as the author of Disgusting men Viktor Zuyev noted, this is also a series about a group of young people who face an unknown force, with strong homage for the 1980s and movements in a parallel reality . Only “Chernobyl 2” is closer to the Russian audience: there are the USSR, KGB officers, the Chernobyl disaster, and constant borrowing from the game STALKER. And it was shot in Hollywood: for this, the cars of money were burned. The second season is the last one, but the creators have a plan to shoot a full-length film.

“South Park”

South Park, season 21

Roles voiced: Matt Stone, Trey Parker, John Hansen, Adrien Bird.

How to look in  Paramount Comedy .

Author: Nikolai Chumakov.

In August 2017, “South Park” was 20 years old, in honor of which came a touching movie ” We were here ” about the generation that grew on the animated series. And about me, too, because I look at Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Stan and try not to do the same. In season 21, the characters are still funny, but more importantly, they are still giving useful life lessons.

For sure, many readers abandoned the “South Park” for 10, 19 or even 5 seasons. Those who have not looked at all, it is worth starting somewhere from the fourth to see all the most important. In the 21 season there is at least one worthwhile story arc – this is Cartman’s love line. Stone and Parker are the best in modern culture to show the painful and depressing relationship that out of unhappy love develops into a modern interpretation of Cobain and Love.

“13 reasons why”

13 Reasons Why, 1 season

Starring: Dylan Minnett, Catherine Langford, Christian Navarro, Alisha Boe.

How to look in  on Netflix .

Author: Roman Persianinov.

Often teenage dramas are difficult to take seriously if your school and student years have reached a peak or completely overshadowed. Partly, therefore, it seems that the characters “13 reasons why” think and act too stupid even for their 16-18 years. But it’s an illusion – who did not do things in the school years that hurt others without even knowing it. The series just tells how even small deeds are pushing towards a tragic outcome.

A good way to understand if the work affected an important topic is to look at the public’s response. The story of the death of a friendly schoolgirl Hannah Baker caused a scandal in the US and a new discussion of teenage problems – a topic that is no less acute in Russia. Therefore, the series is useful not only for schoolchildren and their parents, but for everyone who tries to understand why young people commit suicide. There are no direct and exact answers, but on the grounds of “13 reasons why” you can start a discussion, and this is already a lot.

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