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Musk said he would open a confectionery company. Fans decided that he was “stoned”, but it’s more like trolling

The entrepreneur continued his argument with the most famous American investor, Warren Buffett.

On the night of May 6, the general director of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk stated in his Twitter that he was going to open a confectionery company. He noted that it would be incredible, and he is “super-super serious.”

Many subscribers Musk decided that he used drugs and began to ask if he was stoned.

“How much did you get stoned?”

“Did you smoke?”

“I want what he has”

“Hello Ilon. The world should know that you smoke. I’m super super serious. “

Russian media reacted to the tweets of Musk seriously and published news on the businessman’s tweet, among them Vedomosti , Republic and Fontanka . However, as noted in Fortune, judging by the tone of the next publications of the entrepreneur, it was just another round of his correspondence dispute with investor Warren Buffett.


“Good good, just for presentation: which sweets do you want?” Crypto-candies »

Musk and Buffett argued about the model of “economic ditches” invented by the investor. Thanks to the long-term economic advantage, it allows you to profit more than other players in the market.

The head of Tesla during a conference call with investors said that this strategy is pleasant only to some extent, but will not help against serious attacks of competitors. According to him, innovations are really important.

Buffett answered Musk during the press conference of his fund Berkshire Hathaway. He said that recently economic moats have really become less effective due to technological breakthroughs, but they are still important and “work perfectly” for some companies.

As an example of such a company, the investor brought See’s Candies, which he owns through the Berkshire Hathaway fund. According to Buffett, the confectionery company has a very broad economic ditch because of its loyal consumer base and therefore competitors are not able to get its share in the market. In addition, he warned the Musk against competition with him in this industry.

Of course, you have to work on improving your moat and protecting it all the time. And Ilon really can turn everything upside down in some spheres. But I do not think that he would like to compete with us in the production of sweets.

Warren Buffett

Apparently, the Tweets Musk is just an attempt to touch Buffett. However, although it is registered on Twitter, but published only nine records, the last of which was in 2016.

“After that I’ll build a ditch and fill it with sweets. Warren Buffett will not be able to resist investing in it! This is kryptonite for Berkshire Hathaway … “

The jokes of tweets are also hinted at by the fact that the conversation about the confectionery factory Musk began with a reference to the segment from the film “Trolls”. And in the end, the entrepreneur published a link to the Fortune publication, which says that he touched Buffett.

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