How to stream to Twitch, YouTube or Facebook directly from iPhone

In iOS 11, users were able to record what was happening on the screen of the smartphone without jailbreaking and third-party applications. This can be useful for creating video instructions, writing glitches or interesting moments while working with the gadget.

Few people know that third-party developers have access to the screen recording function and can use it for their applications.

One of these programs will help us to broadcast live events on the screen of an iPhone or iPad without a computer and additional equipment.

So, to organize the stream, we need:

1. Install the free DU Recorder Live application from the App Store .

2. After installing the program, go to Settings – Control item – Configure items. Managementand add the switch recording screen in the upper block.

Now the icon for recording the smartphone screen appears in the Control point.

3. Run the DU Recorder Live application , select the platform on which we will broadcast (Twitch, YouTube or Facebook) and authorize. In the settings you can change the picture quality (up to 720p).

Press the button Start broadcast and choose who will be available in the social network (all, only friends or group, personal).

4. Open the Control Point and press the screen recording button hard. In the opened menu, select DU Recorder Live and turn on the sound recording through the microphone.

iOS does not allow you to record system sounds, if you want the audio effects of programs or games to be broadcast, you’ll have to make a louder sound and turn on the microphone when recording. You can also comment on what is happening on the screen of the device.

5. It remains to click the Start broadcast button and the video from the smartphone will go to the network. You can refresh the page on Twitch / YouTube / Facebook and see the broadcast with a delay of a few seconds.

Do not forget to connect the smartphone to the charger, because the battery will sit very quickly.

To stop the broadcast, click on the status bar and turn off the broadcast or turn off the stream from the Control Panel.

The recording will be stored on the platform through which the broadcast was broadcast (Twitch, YouTube or Facebook).

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