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Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory 

When they say “serial killer” or “maniac” represents a man with an unpleasant appearance, but the most mass serial killer (this is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records) is a woman – Countess Bathory. It takes not the last place in the list of “the most cruel people in history.”

Elizabeth Bathory was born in Hungary in 1560 in a wealthy noble family. At the age of eleven she was betrothed to F. Nadashdi, caretaker of the royal stables, and the girl moved to the castle to the groom. Four years later they were married. Young wife Nadashdi made a luxurious gift – he bought from the emperor Chakhstitsky castle in the Carpathians.

In 1578, F. Nadashdi was placed at the head of the Hungarian troops taking part in the war with the Turks. Nadashdi was marked by monstrous cruelty, for which he received the nickname “black knight”. Almost all the time he spent in wars, putting the care of numerous castles on his wife. In the marriage they had five children. In 1604, Elizabeth Bathory was widowed.

The countess was always cruel to the servants around her. For a small fault she invented perverted punishments: she pounded the needle under her fingernails, pricked with scissors, lashed with a whip before the appearance of blood, the form of which introduced Elizabeth into ecstasy. Over time, the torture of the countess was not enough and she began to kill.

Naked, bleeding girls, the countess liked to exhibit in the fierce frosts, having preliminarily poured them with icy water, and watch them turn into ice statues. Elizabeth Bathory almost did not hide her passion for murder. She knew that no noble aristocrat would be severely punished by some half-wenching girls. The countess had assistants two faithful servants, a nanny of her children and a servant of a dwarf. Yes, and the grown up children knew about the mother’s passion for murder, they tried in every possible way not to commit more atrocities, but without success.

With the age of the countess, it became very painful to perceive the appearance of the first signs of withering and aging of the skin. Once, during another torture of unfortunate victims, the blood accidentally fell on her skin, and the countess decided that this rejuvenating effect on her body. The desire to kill has multiplied. Elizabeth after the cruel executions began to pump blood from the victims and lubricate her skin.

Girls in the estates of Nadashdi began to disappear since 1585. At first they were maid servants who worked in the house. Parents were told that their windmills had fled with men or had died from a serious illness. Then the countess began to send servants to peasant girls. But, knowing about the murders in the count’s estates, those who wanted to go to the servants were not there, and the girls simply steal. Over time, girls from wealthy families began to disappear, their parents sounded the alarm …

In 1610, rumors of numerous brutal murders committed on the grounds of the Chahtitsa castle reached the emperor, and he sent an armed detachment there.

They arrived at the time: the countess with faithful servants – assistants found behind the murders of several girls. All were detained, the servants were put in prison and several months later they executed: the servants were chopped off hands, and then burned alive; servant – he helped steal girls and bury corpses – cut off his head and burned.

The Countess of Bathory was helped by a high background: she was simply locked in the Chakhtice Castle, without limiting anything. Daughters and servants indulged all her whims until her death (died in August 1614).

In total, on the conscience of the bloody Countess Elizabeth Bathory, about 650 lives destroyed.

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