Apple can change iPhone X for free with a broken Face ID

What Apple was especially proud of this fall is the set of True Depth sensors and the new way of contactless biometric authentication of Face ID. And then the iPhone X got to the consumer, and with that very grateful sensor problems started.

The other day, Apple sent an explanatory note to representatives of authorized service centers. It is dedicated to the breakdown of Face ID.

The document says that when the buyer addresses, the specialist should check the iPhone X. If the repair of the Face ID can be performed by replacing the main camera , the case is considered a warranty and the iPhone is taken for free repair.

If the test results show that such repairs are impossible, the user is obliged to issue a new smartphone.

It seems that Apple really “thinks differently,” as the official slogan of the company says. Repairing the Face ID by replacing the main camera seems completely illogical. But you can not argue with engineers. The True Depth sensor is directly connected to the telephoto lens of the smartphone.

In any case, if your iPhone X has ceased to recognize you through Face ID, feel free to take it to an authorized service center. There is a chance that you will be given a new smartphone. [9to5 ]

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