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A year ago the company Sphero announced the beginning of work on a new startup Misty Robotics. Today, the personal robot assistant for the Misty II home is already available for order.

Misty II is an improved version of the original robot Misty , which was presented at CES in January this year. At the moment the novelty is already available for pre-orders . During the first 30 days, you can buy it at a 50% discount for $ 1,499 (the usual price is $ 3,200). Misty II is popular: in 15 hours on pre-orders it was possible to raise $ 323,430, which is the bulk of the planned amount ($ 375,000).

The robot has a small size (only 35 cm) – and weighs about 3 kg, so it’s easy and convenient to use at home or in the office. On the back of his head is a 3D sensor for motion control. Also, Misty II has a Sony camera 4K, with which it can recognize faces and objects, as well as 8 sensors that help to overcome obstacles.

Owners of the device themselves choose what will be the functions of Misty II. Depending on how the robot is programmed, it can work as a security guard , checking where suspicious sounds come from and who opens the door. Another option is to help parents monitor children. The company is waiting for new offers on using the robot from its customers, since the developer’s goal is Misty in every home.

To program the device for a specific job, users can use a special interface from the company or JavaScript APIs to create new robot abilities or to provide integration with the services of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Misty II can also work on TensorFlow, Caffe and Windows ML, in addition, it has two Qualcomm SnapDragon processors with Windows operating systems IoT Core and Android 7.




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