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A group of young inventors from the University of Rice (USA) came up with an affordable method of treatment with horses (hippotherapy), in which the robot participates . For this, they developed a prototype of a robotic horse with six limbs.

A useful robot was named Stewie . He is able to imitate different styles and pace of movement of real horses . To achieve this accuracy in recreating the work of the muscles of this warm-blooded animal, the developers took data from live horses. On their body, special sensors were attached, which read the information. Subsequently, the collected data was processed by a special program written for managing the movements of Stewie.

The six-legged robot-horse was made specifically, for a more detailed imitation of walking styles. The device is intended for those who are shown rehabilitation with the help of horses and who can not access the real animals. In roboloshadi has several programmable modes, choose the optimum in a particular case will help the physician .

Students-developers are going to lay out all the documentation and technical characteristics of their invention in the network. Also, the instructions and drawings will be accompanied by software. Thus, Stewie will be available to all those in need of hippotherapy.

Treatment with horses is a common procedure for general strengthening of the body, rehabilitation after trauma, and improvement of blood circulation.





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