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12 April 2018 TV series

“World of the Wild West”, “The Story of a Servant” and what could remain in the shadows.

Shot from the "Story of the Maid"
Shot from the “Story of the Maid”



Trust, a mini-series of 6 series

Starring: Donald Sutherland, Harris Dickinson, Hilary Swank, Michael Esper, Brendan Fraser.

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Author: Damir Kamaletdinov

“Trust” is another attempt to tell the story of the kidnapping of the grandson of billionaire John Paul Getty. However, unlike Ridley Scott, Danny Boyle does not dramatize events, and even slightly on the contrary, adds to them a touch of frivolity. The director “On the needle” in the center of the story kidnapped boy Paul, who by virtue of age is frivolous to everything.

Young Sex with each series has to grow up and take the brutality that is going on around. In reliability of “Trust” I want to believe: the series is so dexterously playing with the contrast of tragedy and drama, immersing itself in the story, that there is a feeling that you yourself became a participant of those events. The feeling is strengthened by the fact that sometimes the “Trust” punches the “fourth wall” as “Deadpool” – and appeals directly to the viewer, without interrupting the dialogue in the plot. In addition, Boyle does not hesitate to use his favorite techniques: Dutch angles , symmetry, naturalism and ideal installation. In general, this is a beautiful, expensive and terribly interesting series, which you do not want to throw in the middle.

“Lost in Space”

Lost in Space, season 1

Starring: Molly Parker, Toby Stevens, Max Jenkins, Taylor Russell, Mina Sandvol.

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Author: Anatoly Chikvin

Restarting the legendary 1965 series, the first season of which was released in black and white, caused a controversial reaction among the audience. Those who have been waiting for a quality “adult” show with special effects from Netflix, are disappointed. For another part of the audience, the season of “family” fiction turned out to be very useful. The essence is still the same: in the near future in an overpopulated Earth are forced to do projects on space colonization.

On one of the ships of the colonists flew the family of Robinsons and a couple of strange characters. The ship crashes on an unnamed planet with a few more shuttles. Attempts of heroes to survive in unknown lands and to renew the way to the stars make up the content of the first season. The abundance of grand pianos in the bushes and not always adequate actions of the characters do not allow to perceive the show too seriously, but for easy viewing it is quite suitable.


Barry, season 1

Starring: Bill Haider, Steven Ruth, Sarah Goldberg, Glenn Flesler

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Author: Damir Kamaletdinov

“Barry” was advertised as a comedy “Dexter”, but this series has little in common with Dexter, and with comedy. Humor is a subjective thing, so I can only speak for myself: almost no joke for the entire season has worked. The idea was interesting: to cross drama, crime and comedy, but in the end it turned out strange. On the one hand, the series does not go deep into frank thrash, although this, perhaps, would be only beneficial, but on the other hand it does not reach a serious drama.

The character of the comedian Bill Hader is a former marine, and now a bad killer. He looks too stupid and boring, he does not have any charisma, and all his motivation is that he wants to become an actor and do not kill anymore (although in this case the show would become even worse). About the other characters have nothing to say at all: they either appear briefly, or they need the main character to have someone to talk to. Directing – the only thing in this series is done at a good level, but nothing outstanding.

“Fall of Troy”

Troy: Fall of a City, season 1

Starring: Louis Hunter, Christian Shumbi, Jonas Armstrong, David Crysanth, Carl Bewkes.

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Author: Anatoly Chikvin

It would seem that BBC One and Netflix as the headliners of the show are not only a guarantee of success, but also a guarantee of quality. In the case of the “Fall of Troy” this is not so. Alas, a new attempt to screen the epic was frankly a failure and a failure.

If with the fact that Zeus, Achilles and Patrocles are played by black actors, you can put up with it, then how to explain the constant inadequate actions of the characters – is unclear. The grandiose history before our eyes here turns into a unintelligible bytovuha, the series essentially loses common sense. The film of 2004 is still pleasant to remember, and as for the show in 2018, it’s hard to watch it in places.


Alex Inc., Season 1

Starring: Zach Braff, Tia Sirkar, Elisha Henig, Odissi James, Hillary Ann Matthews, Michael Imperioli

Where to look legally in  We do not know.

Author: Damir Kamaletdinov

“Startup” is a story about the father of the family (Zack Braff), who worked on podcasts in a large company, but at some point decided to leave. He was going to do his show, not only on optimistic topics, but on any others. In a sense, this is a breath of nostalgia: naive Zack Braff, ABC TV channel and light humor. Yes, and the actor himself, who shot almost half a season and acted as a producer, seemed to return to his beloved image and enjoy the moment.

Most of all “Startup” will be liked exactly by those who loved the “Clinic”, especially its last seasons. But if you do not count Braff, there’s almost nothing to catch on. The rest of the actors play poorly, their images are hard to believe, the story is pretty jaded. Braff has not had his project on television for a long time and he wants everything to turn out, but so far, the “Startup” has average ratings and little chance of a long life.

“Person 5”

Persona 5: The Animation, season 1

Starring: Jun Fukuyama, Mamoru Miyano, Sato Rina, Tomokazu Sugita, Haruka Tomatsu.

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Author: Anatoly Chikvin

The appearance of the anime series based on the megapopular Persona 5 game was only a matter of time, and in April the Tokyo MX channel began to show the TV version of the adventures of the “Ghost Heartbreakers”. The protagonist was finally given a name – now he is Ren Amamia, moving and doing everything himself, but out of habit you still involuntarily seek a joystick to control the process.

Ren, along with a group of other charismatic characters penetrates into the “palaces” – a parallel reality of the subconscious, which is created and exists due to strong, often negative desires. If you steal the treasure of the owner of the “palace”, then in this parallel reality you can destroy the desire and make the villain repent. In the real world, the same thing happens, only in a figurative sense. The game, and now the series, is the richest encyclopaedia of Japanese culture , containing many of its realities, why watch even 20-minute series should be very carefully.


“World of the Wild West”

Westworld, 2 Season

Starring: Evan Rachel, Tandy Newton, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright.

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Author: Evgeny Kuzmin

I will notice what was said before me: for the return of the “World of the Wild West” after one and a half years of expectations, for some reason there is no excitement. And this is with a big advertising campaign, which includes performances by Ilona Mask, flirting with the community at Reddit and recreating the park with “robots” in Texas. Perhaps this is only because the starting two series are very slow in the development of the plot. And perhaps, the audience is simply tired of the constant riddles.

The series again constantly jumps between different time lines. In one of them, the audience is shown the background of the park and the city outside it. But the main plot revolves around the rebellion of robots, which of the victims turned into murderers. And if before the scenery of the Wild West gave the whole thing a certain atmosphere, now they seem to interfere with the series. In any case, the whole season is ahead, and I want it to work out.

Story of the maid

The Handmaid’s Tale, season 2

Starring: Elizabeth Moss, Yvonne Strahovski, Max Minghella, Amanda Brugel, Joseph Fiennes.

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Author: Anatoly Chikvin

The best drama series of 2017, at least received in this capacity “Emmy” and “Golden Globe”, returned. Before watching, there were some concerns that the show could not keep such a high bar, but they were in vain. The continuation of the history of June, running from the Republic of Gilead, has become even more grim, terrible and realistic.

During the first season, some commentators noted that the anti-utopia is frighteningly similar to modern Russia. Therefore, it is impossible to refrain from analogies and a couple of conclusions. Especially acute social degradation of a totalitarian society is shown with the help of numerous flashbacks. Emotions at this moment simply do not allow to come off the screen. So far only the first two series have come out, and I want to believe that the series will keep the level until the end of the season.

“Lemony Snicket: 33 misfortunes”

A Series of Unfortunate Events, season 2

Starring: Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Warburton, Malina Weisman.

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Author: Evgeny Kuzmin

The first season of “Lemony Snicket” – one of my main discoveries of last year. I did not read the books, and acquaintance with the plot before the series from Netflix was limited to the film with Jim Carrey. The history of the Baudelaire orphans has a very good tempo of the story: the children after the death of their parents get to a new guardian, then the evil Count Olaf (Neil Patrick Harris) tries to get to them, which ends with moving to the next guardian. Every two series were played out according to a similar scenario, but in new scenery it turned out to be a good decision.

In this regard, the second season has not changed: all the pluses are in place, and the events have become only gloomier. Also added a more explicit story line with the past of the Baudelaire parents. As I wrote in 2017, the whole series can be described with the first words of the first series: “In this story, not only does not have a happy ending, but also a happy beginning. And in the middle of a few happy events. ”


3 and 4 series

Starring: Alexander Petrov, Oleg Menshikov, Evgeny Stychkin, Taisia ​​Vilkova, Artem Tkachenko.

Where to look legally in  TV-3.

Author: Anatoly Chikvin

TV-3 continues the experiment, releasing a series of “Gogol” parallel to theaters. This time it’s time for the most screened Gogol story about Viy. Like King Kong, this monster was only enlarged from the earliest films, and in 2018 Vii is now more of a church, in which Homa Brutus tries to beg the dead pantochka.

Approximately the same magnitude became and the commentators’ threads, which decided whether Petrov was still suitable for the role of a classic of Russian literature or not. In comparison with the first two series, he already falls into faints less often, and expresses his judgment more restrained. In general, the whole picture is still a bizarre fantastic mixture of the Bayopika and the Gogol themes themselves, which were very freely interpreted by the authors. Despite the name, Viya was not enough, which could mean the intention to reveal everything in the next series.


Billions, season 3

Starring: Damien Lewis, Paul Giamatti, Toby Leonard Moore, Maggie Siff, Condole Rashad.

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Author: Damir Kamaletdinov

When the favorite series goes a few seasons – each time more and more afraid that this time the authors will not work and everything will go to hell. “Billions” is not the case. This is a series about money: there is no action or shooting in it, and all the tension occurs in the dialogues between the characters. The feeling that in the third season, screenwriter Andrew Ross Sorkin became a Sith and raised this skill to the absolute.

Not a single season of “Billion” did not end with an obvious cliffhanger (an intriguing ending, so popular on television): the authors calmly and naturally developed the story without such cheap tricks. Therefore, I still so much like the series so much – it cautiously treats my time and there is nothing superfluous in it. It’s unlikely that the topic of big money and investments is interesting to everyone, but if you still want to watch “Billions,” it will be difficult to come off: it’s like a very long film that constantly fuels the atmosphere and still does not end.


2 season

Starring: Mikhail Trukhin, Sergei Burunov, Semyon Treskunov, Alexandra Florinskaya, Anna Ukolova, Alexei Lukin.

Where to look legally in STS,

Author: Anatoly Chikvin

Unlike many domestic comedy sitcoms, the audience (including the Internet) warmly received the Ivanovs, the main find of the STS channel from the autumn of 2017. The key to the popularity of the show was not only the cast and plot of the plot, but also numerous hyperlinks to other phenomena of mass, including Soviet culture. It is not always possible to count them from the first time, but from that the joy of recognition is greater.

The second season did not re-play the nuances of the drama with the children substituted in the maternity home. Although the problems are solved through a lot of comic situations, they do not become less serious. The family of the Ivanovs does not experience the most successful period in their life – they are left without a house and work, they manage not only to remain a family in an old dacha, but also to keep an optimistic view of the world.

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