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10 countries where beautiful women can not live

The beauty concept is so relative that the controversy about the most beautiful women in the world never abates. Each nation has its own ideas about the ideal. However, you can collect several leading countries, where the most beautiful women. Such simple statistics allow to conduct international beauty contests. That’s where you have to go first, if you’re going to get married.

  • Netherlands

    The average growth of Dutch girls is about 169 centimeters. In combination with the classic blond hair color, women of this country easily enter the top-10.

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    Here everything is dedicated to classical beauty. The stormy character of the Italians is not everyone’s liking, but he who dares to conquer the beauty, will not remain in the loser.

    • Denmark

      Here the girls are small, slim, blond and blue-eyed. Their skin is a beautiful light shade. Danes, we shall note, very purposeful and active – the present careerists.

      • Venezuela

        Girls from this Latin American state regularly win in international beauty competitions, demonstrating not only impressive external data, but also remarkable perceptiveness.


        In the first place, of course, are our compatriots. In Russia, the highest percentage of beautiful girls, who, among other things, are notable for their outstanding intellect.

        North America

        Independence – that’s almost the main qualities of beauties from Canada and the United States. Cheerful, simple and self-aware girls will not look for a partner who will be lower level.

        United Kingdom

        The English women are stiff and ugly except on the screens of vulgar comedies. In real life, a modern girl is a perfect example of taste and upbringing, multiplied by an outstanding appearance.


        There also lives a lot of beauty queens – always sunburnt, slender and bright. Another advantage of columbia is the burning black hair, which perfectly combines with the nutty shade of the eyes.


        Girls of this country diligently take care of themselves and protect their appearance, like a diamond. Honor and ego argentinok are known all over the world. And this is not surprising, because such beauty should be appreciated and respected.\\


        Here, far from the vain western civilization, one of the most beautiful women in the world is flourishing. Most of all international beauty contests were won by the Filipinos.

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