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What is known about the departure of figure skater Yevgenia Medvedeva from Eteri Tutberidze

One of the main athletes of the country will be replaced by a coach. The media believe that after it can change citizenship.

Photo by RIA Novosti
Photo by RIA Novosti

Eteri Tutberidze is the most successful coach in women’s singles skating in recent years. Among her wards: Julia Lipnitskaya (gold medal at the Sochi Olympics), Alina Zagitova (gold medal at the Olympics in Pyeongchang), and winner of the Junior World Cup 2018 Alexander Trusov. But the most famous student of the trainer is 18-year-old Evgeny Medvedev, who for a couple of years became one of the main female athletes in Russia.

With Tutberidze, the figure skater won the European and World Championships, but at the Olympics she was only the second. A few months after the director of the sports center, where he taught Tutberidze, announced that Medvedev was leaving his coach. Later the media added that she could change her citizenship.  figured out what is known about one of the main sporting events of recent days.

Why is she leaving?

While it is unknown – officially about his decision Medvedev, most likely, will announce only on May 7. Until then, comments from the athlete can not wait. Tutberidze said that she was also not ready to comment on the information about the ward’s departure.

The termination of cooperation between the sportswoman and coach was spoken since the Olympics in Pyeongchang, where Medvedev lost in the single tournament another ward Tutberidze – 15-year-old Aline Zagitova. One of the versions: the conflict because of the lost gold medal. This version is followed by many sports journalists who believe that the coach could do more to win Medvedev at the last Olympics.

You can come up with a lot of hands, in which Tutberidze would have done everything to win Medvedev. And yes, the option with minimal simplification of Zagitova’s program, that she initially worked for silver – it’s the easiest. But she did not. Was afraid, did not believe in Zhenya, did not want to. In short, she just left her.

Andrey Ivanov
Journalist of the edition “Championship”

In addition, in the Tutberidze group are engaged other future contenders for the gold medals of the Olympics, which in a few years will come out of juniors. And this means that Medvedev will only be more difficult to prepare for the competition. “When there is a constant rivalry on [training] ice, it’s still very much postponed on the psyche and can be even worse for the athlete,” – said the world champion in 2015 Elizabeth Tuktamysheva.

Who will become her new coach

Versions are different. According to the director of the sports center “Sambo-70” (in which Tutberidze teaches) Renata Laysheva, Medvedev will continue to work in the center, but with another trainer. But the Russian media have another candidate – Canadian coach Brian Orser. He works with such stars of men’s single skating as Yudzuru Khanu (two Olympic gold) and Javier Fernandez (two wins at the World Championships). Also, Orser trained Yu Na Kim, who has gold and silver medals in the Winter Games.

To work with a foreign expert Medvedev will have to move to Canada. According to the agency “All Sport”, this may happen in June 2018.

That is, she will change her citizenship?

In the Canadian – most likely not. The same Hanu quietly stands for Japan, and Fernandez – for Spain, although both are engaged in Canada at Orsera. But the agency “All Sport”, referring to its sources, said that Eugenia Medvedeva can get the sports citizenship of Armenia and represent it at international competitions. Journalists noted that this way a sportswoman can prolong her career, because in Russia the competition is higher.

The option with Armenia is likely, because Eugenia’s father is an Armenian businessman Arman Babasyan. But this “transition” will have consequences: according to the rules, after changing citizenship, figure skaters do not participate in international tournaments for two years. Medvedev already has to compete with younger rivals, so this “freeze” can only harm her. Choreographer Ilya Averbuhr has already called the data on the performance for Armenia “absolute delirium”.

Is there any chance that Medvedev will stay with Tutberidze?

There is such a possibility. After the Olympics in South Korea, Medvedev has already denied rumors about leaving Tutberidze. According to Renat Layshev, the relationship between the figure skater and the coach can still be restored.

It’s like a family relationship. They can still change 500 times. I speak absolutely sincerely. Figure skating is such a sport that the coach and athlete today quarreled, and they (Medvedev and Tutberidze) have been together for so many years. There is no conflict, but this is the fate of any athlete who has achieved certain results and tries his hand at the new coach.

Renat Layshev
Director of the Center “Sambo-70”
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