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What does the usual crush in the Tokyo Metro look like (15 photos)

Public transport in rush hour is a real horror: an apple is not just that there is no place to fall, it is difficult for him to find hundreds of cubic centimeters free from the exhausted bodies of unfortunate passengers. However, in the post-Soviet space, the situation with this is still tolerable, but in some East Asian states everything is completely bad. For example, in Tokyo. The subway of the Japanese capital in the busiest time of its work – a real hell, next to which the classical “folk festivals” on Vykhino did not even stand.

Michael Wolfe in the pictures of his photo project called Tokyo Compression (Colorado in Tokyo) showed colorfully how the inhabitants of the Japanese capital get to work in the mornings and go home in the evenings. But what is more than commendable – this is with what truly heroic endurance and tranquility the people of Tokyo daily endure this unpleasant situation.

Applying a diverse array of perspectives and visual approaches, Wolfe uses his camera to show the human energy that flows through the modern city. His photos fascinate with their frankness and unusual.

Every day a huge number of people go into this underground hell and spend hours in a tight space between glass, steel and other people who also go to their place of work or back home.

In the photo, countless faces of people are depicted, each of which tries to sustain this apparent madness in its own way. And, most interestingly, in Wolf’s photo you will not find spiteful persons. People suffer an unattractive situation without aggression and in complete silence.

The project “Crush in Tokyo” is focused on the madness of the underground system of Tokyo.

The hidden beauty of photos is that they seem to suggest that you yourself think out the fate of every tired, stifled traveler.

The situation in the metro of the city, in which about 13 million people live, is aggravated by the fact that every weekday there are still about 2.5 million people hurrying to work or study.

People are so used to the terrible crowding and crowding in the subway that in the current situation they manage to do unthinkable things: enjoy music, read books or peacefully doze.

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