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The most popular young singers in Russia

Modern Russian show business pleases with a large number of new faces on the screen. Especially a lot of recently appeared good singers, which is very happy fans. The most popular performers perform at various competitions, they are known in the world.

Persons and names on the top of the musical Olympus of the country are constantly changing. But in the current season there are a number of especially popular young singers, whose work can always be found on . In a very short time they became extremely famous. Here are the most popular of them.

Yegor Creed

The real surname of the singer Bulatkin. He was born in Penza in 1994, therefore it is very popular among young female fans. Already by the age of 20, Yegor went to the top and is now firmly in the rating of the best Russian performers. He repeatedly won in various nominations and recorded songs with other well-known performers (for example, Timati). Fortunately for all the fans, Yegor is still a free young man. He does not have a wife and children, although he already wants to try himself as a father. Yegor Creed has repeatedly started various novels with colleagues in the stage and just beautiful girls. The longest relationship he had lasted 2 years with the singer Nyushey. In May 2018, the singer took part in the show “Bachelor”.

Rapper Face

Ivan Dremin was born in 1991 in Ufa, but already at such a young age became a real idol for young people. His work relates to the popular direction of “mem-rap.” It is full of humor, various references to a very popular youth Internet culture. As a child, Ivan did not like to study, often fought, and in his youth even was a member of a street gang. For various violations of public order, he was repeatedly detained and brought to justice. The singer could not get a higher education and decided to try himself in the role of a singer. Famous for Ivan came after the release of the video “Gosha Rubchinsky.” The singer had more than 150 girls according to him. Today he said that he outgrew his past work and wants to pay more attention to the education of youth.

Alvin Gray

The real name of the singer is Radik Yulyakshin. He was born in Ufa in 1989 and today is a popular pop singer. Alvin Gray looks very stylish, he carefully monitors his appearance. He released his first album at the age of 17. The singer was not seen in various scandals and violent novels, but recently made a proposal to the beautiful Gulnaz Asayeva.

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