The most expensive vessel in the world? 500 million

British designer Andy Vaughn presented the project of the 130-meter superyacht Epiphany, on its five decks there is a swimming pool, spa, cinema, helipad, office, library, gym, restaurant and many cabins with balconies. Construction of a unique yacht will take about 5 years, and its value is already estimated at? 500 million.
Andy Vaugh claims that his concept attracted potential buyers, but he is ready to make adjustments: “They like the original design, but they have to imagine, see themselves on this yacht, and too bold design sometimes hinders this.”
Superyacht has five decks, one of which is designed for the owner. For the guests there are spacious cabins with high ceilings and panoramic windows. Guests can read books in the library, swim in the pool, dive, visit a cinema or a gym, relax in the spa and even work in the office! If necessary, the zone for sunbathing is transformed into a helicopter pad.
A low bulwark and a lot of glass panels expand the space of the yacht, giving a sense of spaciousness and comfort.
Andy Waugh studied transport design at the University of Coventry, which he graduated in 2004. The first four years, the designer worked in Vienna, later worked with the company H2 yacht design. In 2010, Waugh won his first award for Meya Meya (which in Arabic means “100%”) – a premium-class yacht with high technical characteristics.

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