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The journalist, without the necessary skills, tried to program the robot’s arm to prepare breakfast

Motherboard editor Simone Giertz decided that she did not want to cook breakfast for herself any more, she bought a robotic arm and tried to adapt it for this task, and then she told about her experience in a comic article .

According to Geertz, breakfast is her favorite part of the day, but often she is too lazy even to get out of bed and go to the toilet, and permanently stuck in the stage of choosing socks for a long time. The journalist decided to make her life easier with the help of a robot.

The plan is this: buy a robotic arm, and then teach her to pour flakes, pour them with milk and feed me with a spoon. The only difficulty here is that I will have to learn how to program it and write code, guided by which it will cook me breakfast. I’m ready to call, because the best way to avoid real problems is to decide what’s fictitious.

Simon Geertz, journalist

Initially, Hirtz wanted to buy a robotic arm for 41 dollars and thought that even this was too expensive, but then she saw the model for $ 339 and “fell in love” with her.

Strong, smooth, almost sexy – like James Franco, made of metal, bolts and servos. She has a sucker to pick up objects. Sucker!

Simon Geertz, journalist

First of all, the journalist found out that the hand can lift only a pack of milk, filled by two-thirds. In addition, it turned out that the speed of the segments with the help of the code can not be adjusted – only sequentially set the positions that the hand takes by using the command of the type “uarm.setPosition (180, 150, 0, 0);” and activate the suction cup with the command “uarm. gripperCatch (); “.

It’s simple, is not it? Maybe. But I think that understanding how selected angles determine the movements of a robotic arm requires the type of intelligence that I do not possess. It was like a three-dimensional IQ test.

Simon Geertz, journalist

After three hours of programming, Geertz managed to achieve little.

Realizing that this way the coding of the whole process of preparing breakfast will take too much time, the journalist first opened the instruction for her purchase and suddenly found out that the robotic arm has a training mode – it is able to repeat the movements that the person asked it.

Since that moment my project has ceased to be technical. This was already the way to find an elegant way to get the robot to fill a bowl with milk flakes and feed me. It was something like the choreography of a robot dance.

Simon Geertz, journalist

In the process of “choreography” new difficulties arose. The hand could not grab a standing box of cereal, so I had to do it so that first she would tilt it on the table. The device needed a stand – it could not reach the girl sitting at the table.

In the end, the journalist brought her system to an acceptable level, in her opinion, and shot the final video.

Summing up, Hirtz advised everyone who wants to repeat her experience, try to make sandwiches or some other dry food, since with milk there are too many inconveniences.

I put breakfast preparation in a robotic hand 4 out of 10. Dirty. Insanely inefficient. In the end, she could not eat anything. But it was fun, and so I do not regret that I spent on an expensive device.

Simon Geertz, journalist

Gifka from the experiment of Hirtz with the postscript “Modern conveniences” has gained more than 1.3 million views in 7 hours.

Inspired by a clip with a journalist, Reddit users remembered other “robots-losers”.

October 28, Polish media reported on a similar experiment of local students who taught the robot to pour vodka.

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