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The creator of “shit robots” Simon Hertz found a brain tumor

She reported this on her YouTube channel.

Gifki, prevalent mainly in foreign Internet, where a strange robot does strange things with a girl – most likely the fruit of the creative thought and engineering talents of the Swedish inventor Simone Giertz (Simone Giertz).

In 2015, she tried to program the robot’s arm to prepare breakfast, without the necessary skills. The result was a device that suited the dirt on the table and could not effectively feed the girl. But she noted that it turned out amusing, and continued experiments.

For several years she has been keeping a video blog about “shit robots”, created mainly for household purposes: for example, shredding food or serving soup. As a rule, the device collected on the knee with a crash fails experiment, at best, pouring Simon with a portion of hot soup. However, this is the very case when the main thing is not the result, but the process. And this is the merit of the charm, sense of humor and courage Simon Hertz. I want to note the latter separately.

Just the other day, Hertz recorded a video in which she said that the “swelling” near her right eye was a tumor in the brain the size of a golf ball. Doctors say that, probably, Simon will manage to survive after a complicated operation, but it does not make it easier for her – Simon does not like golf.

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