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The case of YOG’TZE. Whose victim was Gunther Stoll – paranoia or mysterious strangers?

The blue “golf” with the crumpled hood, which is in the ditch, was first noticed by two truck drivers. The light car appeared in the light of their headlights on the night of November 25 to November 26, 1984. Nearby was a man in a light jacket. Other drivers began to stop to help the injured. But in the shattered “golf” in the front seat they find only absolutely naked, stained with dirt and leaves of the dying Gunther Stoll. A few hours before his death, he wrote in illumination on a piece of paper “YOG’TZE”, frightened his wife and ran out of the house.

The history of this man the German media call the most difficult riddle for forensic scientists in post-war Germany. Experts concluded that Gunther’s death came as a result of the fact that he himself was shot down by some foreign car, and then placed in the back seat of his “golf”. But the search for witnesses and possible criminals for 30 years have not produced results, and other mysterious circumstances of the last hours of life Stoll have not been given reasonable explanations.

“They’re all against me!”

34-year-old Gunther Stoll for some time worked as an engineer in the food industry. But by the time of his death he was already unemployed. In addition, from his wife’s interviews it became clear that the man suffered from a mild form of paranoia: sometimes he talked about people pursuing him and wishing to harm him.

“I can not stand it any longer. They are all against me! I’m just afraid that they will do something to me, “ – once again on Thursday evening heard the wife of Gunther. But she did not attach much importance to her husband’s words. What was the man afraid of? Were these threats real or did the inflamed brain of Stoll generate another portion of fear? Did he have any premonition of the tragedy? So far, there are no answers to these questions. And they are unlikely to ever be given.

Nevertheless, on that ill-fated Thursday after long deliberation, Gunter exclaimed: “Now it’s all clear to me!”Then he grabbed a pen and brought out six letters – YOGTZE. But soon he crossed out the note and closer to 11 pm grabbed his suede jacket and left the house in the hope that the beer in the Papillon pub in the nearby town would alleviate his fears. All this during interrogation was told by the wife of the deceased, who saw him for the last time, when the man said “See you soon”. The note she threw out soon the field of her husband’s departure.

Four unknowns

To the bar Stoll got, he even sold beer there. But the man did not even have time to touch him, since he fell from the bar stool and hurt his face. Other regulars of the institution could not explain what caused the fall of Gunther. But it is known that this discouraged him from any desire to drink. The man got into his “golf” and left in an unknown direction.

On the further movements of Stoll difficult to judge. However, one thing is known reliably. Closer to one o’clock in the morning he returned to his hometown 10 kilometers from the bar. His mother lived there. But he did not visit her. At night, a man called the house of a friend of a retired woman, but she did not let him in. Through the window on the first floor, she heard Guenther’s confused and excited speech: “Something will happen at night. Something terrible. ” The elderly lady drove away Stoll, who, she said, was going to return home to his wife in 15 kilometers. But his wish did not come true.

At three o’clock in the morning the broken blue “golf” is noticed in the ditch truckers. One of them, using a payphone installed on the roadside, reports an accident to the police, the other immediately goes to help the injured.

A man in a light jacket, which they saw near a broken car, had already disappeared by that time. And in the front passenger seat lay Gunter. With the last of his strength, he moaned that there were four people here: “Not my friends. They ran away. I want to leave, too. ” On the way to the hospital, he died of his serious injuries.

The Riddle of YOG’TZE

What happened on this track? Accident? Definitely yes. But later, forensic experts established that Stoll was fatally wounded not in his car. He was hit by another car and in a completely different place. In addition, at that moment, Gunter was already naked. In this state, he was placed in “golf” and transported.

Witnesses could shed light on what happened, but their investigators could not be found. For any information on what happened, a reward of 3,000 DM was awarded. Seen next to the “golf” man in the police for them did not apply, which makes him suspect the murder is his.

On German federal television in those years came out the criminal program “Aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst” with the reconstruction of various crimes. One of her issues was devoted to Stoll. The transmission made a lot of noise in the country, about 170 imaginary witnesses addressed the hotline, but no one useful to the investigation.

Once or twice a year the commissar, who was leading the Günter case, people not indifferent to the riddles send their answers to the letters YOG’TZE. But they all turn out to be either fictitious, or fitted under some kind of harmonious theory. There is no such word in any language of the world. However, there is a suggestion that in fact the inscription should be read as YO6’TZE. Then it looks like a radio amateur call, invented in Romania. Nevertheless, no connections of Stoll with radio amateurs or Romanians were found.

It can also be an anagram of the word Zygote (zygote – a diploid cell after fertilization). But this assumption does not lead to any coherent theory. YOG’TZE can also be a symbol of the yogurt TZE, which is closer to the professional work of Gunther. There were also suggestions that the letters should be read inverted, after which they become a messy set of digits 027,906.

Official version

In recent years, many crimes have been revealed through DNA analysis. It would seem that a similar analysis could be applied to the Stoll case. But the trouble is that most of the evidence has since been lost, and nobody solves the old “wood-grouse”.

The police did not find the concrete murderer of Gunther. The most believable version boils down to the fact that that night the man finally flew off the reels. On the way home, he moved into a ditch, then undressed and went naked on the road. In this state, he hit the car. The man who had the misfortune to be behind the wheel of this car, decided not to report to the police about the downed madman and just transferred him to “golf”.

How do the police explain the note with the word YOG’TZE? Just like other oddities in the behavior of Gunther, – a mental disorder that caused the death of a man. But such an explanation is too logical and plausible to be perceived as lovers of conspiracy theories.

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