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The bulging bone of the big toe is the verdict? (4 pictures)

Damage to the joint of the big toe is called the simple medical term Hallux valgus. This is a rather unpleasant disease that causes discomfort and discomfort. Due to deformation, the center line of the body deviates. The consequence of the development of the disease is the deformation of the tendon-muscle balance. Gradually, the angle between I and II metatarsal bones increases. Over time, the 1st metatarsal bone mixes inside, and the thumb, on the contrary, begins to bulge outward. On the compression site, a small cone is formed, which is called in another way “a bone on the legs”. The site for women in the section tells a lot about the importance of leg health. But today we will talk about the joint of the thumb.
Constant pressure on the bone leads to unpleasant inflammatory processes. Shoes in this case is the main obstacle to the “bone”. The mucous bag of the joint becomes inflamed, and the bones begin to gradually deform. Blame for all the constant pressure, which provides shoes.

The sensitivity is greatly increased, as are the painful sensations and swelling that do not pass. Irritation in many ways depends on the sensitivity of the zone of the thumb. Why does the main joint wear out? Again, the angle of inclination and the fact that the thumb is positioned incorrectly. Affected cartilage, which provokes bone growth on the leg.
For the fair sex, the appearance of bones on the legs is an unpleasant phenomenon. Therefore, you should not delay your problem to the last, it is definitely worthwhile to pay attention to it at the first bell. Then and only then it will be possible to warn her. If the disease has already begun to bother you, do not let everything go by itself. It is necessary to discuss the main question: how to get rid of Hallux valgus?

Why does this unpleasant disease occur?
1. Has heredity.
2. Uncomfortable shoes: high heels, narrowed toe.
3. Congenital flat feet.
4. A variety of paralytic abnormalities.
Bone formation is quite unpleasant and very painful. Tight shoes can lead to deformation of the thumb and cause Hallux valgus. Even the wrong diet, not to mention various kinds of hereditary diseases. can cause this disease.

Inflammation leads to bulging of the stone. It is more like a lump that swells inside. A cone on the legs may arise as a result of deformation of the foot, that is, with flat feet. It occurs at the moment of weakening of the ligament of the foot. Bone will grow actively if you prefer to wear too tight shoes. Because of this, the load increases not only on the fingers, but also on the entire leg. If a woman prefers to lead a mobile lifestyle, a lot moves, the problem with the stone can be further aggravated. Cure this ailment will help a unique fixator of the thumb, which:
– provides a strong fixation of the position of the finger, and also helps to eliminate deformation;
– gradually eliminates painful sensations.
– has a positive effect on human health, because:
– it is made of elastic, very durable fabric;
– it automatically adjusts to the foot and is almost not felt on the foot;
– fixes the correct position;
– “bone” is not pressed into the shoes, and unpleasant sensations during the movement gradually disappear.
The laboratory tests proved the Valgus Pro’s workability not only at the first stage of the disease development, but also with severe foot damage.
The main advantages of the device:
– tight fit to the foot contributes to the maximum rapid recovery of the deformed area;
– when wearing shoes with heels, the aesthetics of appearance are not disturbed;
– environmentally friendly material does not cause a person allergic reactions. And all this thanks to a special gel-hypoallergenic material.
– It fixes the position of the toes and gradually corrects.
Valgus Pro – ideal for everyday use. It is quite well attached to the foot and is almost invisible to the eyes of others. Elasticity of the material of the fixing mechanism completely excludes the risk of injury to the toes. You can wear Valgus Rod not only in the evening, but also in the daytime, without being distracted from your usual affairs. He will actively influence the “bone”, while you are busy with something your own. The Valgus Rod clasp is not felt at all on the leg, and even if you wear summer shoes, it will be very difficult to consider.

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