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Priyanka Chopra: 5 roles for which you will definitely love her

“Miss World 2000”, followed by Bollywood and conquered Hollywood, can boast of not only beauty, but also an extraordinary actor’s talent. Look at the top 5 brightest projects involving the star and see for yourself.

Base Quantico

In the American series, the Indian actress got the main role of the prospective FBI agent Alex Parish, who is to unravel the terrorist plot, saving the lives of millions of ordinary citizens and major political leaders.Malibu safeguards

Malibu safeguards


According to the story, a young and daring newcomer joins the veteran of “beach rescue” Mitch, in order to open a criminal conspiracy, threatening the beach with an ecological catastrophe, together with his team. Chopra played the role of the main antagonist – an attractive business woman Victoria Leeds, which director Seth Gordon after the meeting with the actress came up with specially for her.Barfy!


The director of the film Anurag Basu did not immediately approve the actress for the role of a girl suffering from autism, because he was sure that in the shot he would still see the beauty Priyanka Chopra. But in the future her talented reincarnation was appreciated by both film critics and spectators.Mary Kom

Mary Kom

The real story of the five-time world boxing champion, a living legend, known to the world as Mary Com. The daughter of a poor Indian peasant receives boxing gloves for his birthday, and this gift becomes fateful for her. Already the first battle gives Mary the opportunity to earn money for her family.Who are you by the sign of the zodiac?

Who are you by the sign of the zodiac?

A guy named Yogesh Patel has always dreamed of marrying true love, but the circumstances are such that he is given only ten days to find the girl of his dreams, otherwise there will be a disaster. In this romkom charming Chopra went on record and played 12 roles at once!

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