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In the US, a pensioner helped detain an armed criminal by putting him on the bandwagon

As noted by the police, Grandfather also saved the life of a young man.

The police of the city of Columbus (Ohio, USA) published the cadres of the detention of an armed criminal, which occurred on April 3. The video shows that an elderly man named “Bill” helped the law-enforcers, who substituted a footstep for the suspect.

It is reported that the grandfather was waiting for his granddaughter from the library, while a chase began next to him. “Bill” saw that several policemen were pursuing the young man, but they were far behind him. Then he decided to help the law enforcers and put his foot up when the criminal ran past him.

“Bill” assessed the situation as quickly as he could, while holding a cane in his hand. He heard the officers shout several times to let the suspect drop the gun. “Bill” said that the officers a little behind him, so he did everything possible to help grab an armed man.

Columbus Police

After this, the suspect was detained. Law enforcers found an 18-year-old young man with a Glock pistol with a magazine of increased capacity for 29 rounds. As noted in the police, the detainee was already tried and will again go to jail.

Probably, the footstep was asleep the life of an 18-year-old suspect, as the officers were about to open fire for defeat. It also allowed the police to catch up with him to arrest him.

Columbus Police
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