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In Moscow, detained Alexei Navalny

Almost immediately after he appeared on Pushkin Square.

In Moscow, on Pushkin Square, detained Alexei Navalny, who came to the action “He is not our king.” This was reported by Mediastone with reference to the correspondent.

Navalny was detained almost immediately after he appeared on the square.


Before that, other participants of the action “He is not our king” were detained on the square , including the photographer of “Novaya Gazeta” Mikhail Grebenshchikov.

In the broadcast on the channel “Navalny-Live” Navalny said that he spent the night not at home to avoid surveillance. On air, he also stated that he was on 23 Zhivopisnaya Street in the village of Velednikovo, Istra district, Moscow Region. According to Rosreestr, this site belongs to Alexander Aleksandrovich Zharov. The same name is in the head of Roskomnadzor.

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