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How to properly boil eggs

For me, it was a mystery how long it took to cook eggs so that the shell would leave easily from the protein, and that the degree of readiness of the yolk was different depending on my desire.

Now it seems to me that this problem has been solved with the advent of instructions available to any person in the form of two pictures.
The first thing to remember is that the protein does not stick to the shell, you have to put the eggs in already boiling water – in the picture on the left the eggs are thrown into the cold water, and on the right into the boiling water:

This picture shows how many minutes it is necessary to boil an egg to get an egg of varying degrees of readiness from easily cooked with liquid yolk, to the variant with a hard-boiled egg with a dense yolk.
Note that the time here is indicated for the option, when the eggs are placed in boiling water:

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